Summer Assignment 2009/10 class

Here is your summer assignment

You will find many usefull and helpful things listed below!

Helpful website:

Please take good notes on the following webcasts. I will collect them from you the first week of school. Chapters go along our book: Brown LeMay Chemistry the Central Science Do the reading from the book for the sections listed bellow.


Basic Chemical Definitions 12 min

Numbers, SI units and Scientific Notations 10.5 min

Significant Figures 11 min

Unit conversions and Density 15 min


2000 years of chem and Daltons atomic theory 8 min

Atomic structure 9.5 min

Radioactivity and chemical symbols 11 min.

Molecular Formula 6.5 min

Naming and Predicting the chages of Ions 10 min

Naming Molecules 12 min

Polyatomic ions and naming Acids and Bases 9.5 min


Balancing Chemical Equations 17.5 min

Kinds of Chemical Equations 4.5 min

Using balanced chemical equations 7min


Waves, Blackbody radiation and Planck's constant 17 min

Emmision Spectra and the Bohr Model of the Atom 11 min

deBroglie Wavelength 7 min

Quantum Numbers 16 min

Electron Configurations 22 min


Effective Nuclear Charge 7 min

Periodic Trends- Atomic Radius  10 min

Periodic Trends- Ionization Energy 12 min

Periodic Trends- Electron Affinity 8 min

Metals, Nonmetals and Major groups of the Periodic Table 26.5 min


Octet Rule 5.5 min

Ionic and Covalent bonding 16 min

Electronegativity and the dipole moment 9 min

Drawing Lewis structures 11 min

Bond order and bond length

Resonance structures

Octete rule exceptions


Electron Domain Geometry 8 min

Molecular Geometry 21 min


Powerpoint presentations   
look over these if you have time!

Nomenclature Chemical nomenclature – writing chemical formulas

Tutorial and drill practice

There are a couple of things I am asking you to memorize over the summer as they are a core part of our class:
1. Polyatomic ions -names, charges and formulas
2. Molecular Geometry -VSEPR Shapes

 Why memorize ions? 

You've got your ion flash cards. You have an ion quiz the first day of class. What is so important about atoms or groups of atoms that have gained or lost electrons? (a work in progress)