Intermolecular Forces, Liquids and Solids

solid                           liquid                      gas


Liquids and IMF's excellent site please visit it

Intermolecular Interactions in the Gas Phase 

Intermolecular forces from Purdue -Intermolecular forces 

 Zumdhal book practice quizes and interactive exercises

Brown Lemay chapter resources go to problem solving center / quizess and cumulative exam

    ALL about bonding MENU


        MOLECULEs and their representations EXCELLENT! please visit!!!

Dipole Molecule And Charged particle

States of Matter  and phase changes



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  • study cards.pdf Comparing Gases, Liquid, and Solids, Surface Tension, KE Distributions & Evaporation, Molecular Crystals & IMF's, Hvap & IMF's, Vapor Pressures of Liquids, Boiling Point & IMF's, Freezing Point, Melting Point, Hfusion, Common Crystal Structures and Units Cells, Four Types of Crystals--A Summary, Crystal Types--Further Notes, Heating and Cooling Curves, Phase Diagrams--I, Phase Diagrams--II, Names of the Phase Changes, More Internet Resources