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22/09/2008 Its been a while.Made a new font.Nokia Hindi for v360 is available in the Fonts page.Give you v360 the nokia look.

01/04/2008 Sorry for the delay but i don't check often the new mp's that keep coming out since i got my V3xx.Anyway a damn good looking mp..Fallen Angel..(love the name btw) 

13/02/2008 v2 of Blackout Menace is released.Go check firmware page. 

22/01/2008 Check out a new promising mp: Blackout Menace.Read firmware page. 29/01:Final version released 

Full track of updates


I own a super modded v360.Using:
Motorola Stereo Headset S200 BlackV3i/L7 (costing 20 euros in Greece)
Sandisk MicroSD 1gb (costing around 17 euros in Greece)

So far i these are the mods i have done:

  • Upgraded to R4513_G_08.B7.ABR SE6148AXXG1132 with LP0031
  • Removed RSA signature/Applied CG1 patches 
  • Replaced the "Hello Moto" boot screen
  • Custom Startup-Shutdown animations/sounds/outer lcd image/Skins
  • Custom Langpack Font and DRM icons
  • 10mb Video Recording\Recording to mp4 format
  • Images from TF associated with phone contacts
  • Enabled Delete Confirmation/Video Recording Brightness/Video Themes/SMS Expire option/PPT

Plus many other small things.