A very simple page to explain my two main activities:
- research in quantitative immunology
- empowerment using science communication
Any coments is welcome and hope some of you want to join me in these activities!

"science is one of the pillars of civilization and liberal democracy, as that eminent philosopher of science, Karl Popper, convincingly argued. It is, he said, "one of the greatest spiritual adventures man has yet known". Because science rejects claims to truth based on authority and depends on the criticism of established ideas, it is the enemy of autocracy. Because scientific knowledge is tentative and provisional, it is the enemy of dogma. Because it is the most effective way of learning about the physical world, it erodes superstition, ignorance and prejudice, which have been at the root of the denial of human rights throughout history, whether through racism, chauvinism or the suppression of the rights of women." Lord Dick Tavern