Vietnamese Oudh (Agarwood) temporarily for sale

Always wanted to try Oudh in your perfume compositions and formulations? 
During my last visit to Vietnam, i was able to sample and buy small quantities of Vietnamese Oudh, at an affordable price.
I'd like to share these Oudh varieties with my dear blog followers.

As you know Oudh comes in many, many qualities and varieties. Most are between $30 and $70 per milliliter, and the really good ones can be as expensive as $200 and up per milliliter.
Oudh that pricy is, at least for me, too expensive to experiment with in formula blending. Although i love to see what wonders a drop of Oudh can do in some of my formula's.
The Oudh i've found is not of top quality but certainly above mediocre and i dare to say good quality.
It's very affordable to start your Oudh experiments in perfumery and perfume formulations without breaking the bank.

I've found 2 varieties:
  • One has more top notes, it has the unique opening of sharper and pungent characteristic Oudh notes. It starts bitter sweet, somewhat green but the heart opens up beautifully to a more warm, amber sweet wood. It's dark orange to brown in colour, and has a specific gravity of 0,90. It lasts well over 24 hours on a blotter strip at room temperature.
  • One lacks pungent top notes and starts already as if it was heart and base only. It's totally round and smooth. Dark resinous amber warm overly sweet wooden Oudh. It's dark brown in colour, and has a specific gravity of 0.94. It lasts well over 24 hours on a blotter strip at room temperature.
I was only able to buy small amounts, but for my dear blog followers i'd like to offer 10 sets for sale. Since it's all about the Oudh, i keep packaging simple, so don't expect beautiful bottles. This way i can keep the price low and ship economically. The set contains 3 milliliters of each (so 6 milliliters of Oudh in total) and the price is 100 euro (€100) including shipping and handling fees, packed in small plastic tubes (excellent for pipetting in your perfume compositions).

Send me an email at with your shipping address and i will inform you if there is still a set available.

Best regards, happy perfuming,