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HD: a tamed Fahrenheit (Dior) merged into Shiseido's Basala

I've received two beautiful new aroma chemicals from, which i liked to give a try: Acetofenon and Mahagonate.
The hawthorn aspects from Acetofenon and the green, peppery, wood aspects from Mahagonate tempted to
look for a marriage. My first association with pure Acetofenon was Dior, probably the Hawthorn; Mahagonate reminded 
of the long ago scent of Basala from Shiseido.
I like the dry violet, raldeine and ionone  aspects of Dior's Fahrenheit. However, for my daily taste it's to bombastic.
Although i've used the same ingredient list one would use to compose a Fahrenheit look-a-like, i've twisted
and bend the amounts towards a scent that mimics Shiseido's Basala (Basara): more towards a soapy, creamy,
dry and sweet balsam. Still enough dryness, less bombastic. The Iso E overdose is still there, the Ionones are tamed
and the Chamomile is introduced to bend towards a powdery, soapy, sweet effect.

And of course, this formulation brought together the Acetofenon and Mahagonate in a well balanced scent.

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted # drops
HoneysucklePO 100% 
Sandalwood Mysore EO 100% 
Iso E Super AC 100% 15 
Hedione AC 100% 
Benzoë Siam EO 25% 
Styrax AC 20% 
Cypres EO 100% 
Cedar Atlas EO 100% 
Vetiver EO 100% 
Patchouli EO 100% 
Coumarin AC 25% 12 
Laevo Muscone AC 100% 
Galaxolide AC 50% 
Lily of the Valley PO 100% 
Nutmeg EO 100% 
Mandarin aldehyde AC 10% 
Lemon EO 100% 
LavenderEO 100% 
Chamomile EO 100% 
Bergamot EO 100% 
Jasmin PO 100% 
Ionone beta AC 100% 
Violet leaf absolute  25% 
Violet PO 100% 
Acetofenon AC100% 
Mahagonate AC100%
Suedrall AC 10% 
Alcohol  1000
(ca. 50 ml)