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JL: delicate ethereal white flowers on a long lasting bed of white musk

This perfume composition is is build around the theme of white flowers. Oriental white flowers that is, but still kept light and airy.
It was composed with the perfect woman in mind, but can be worn unisex ;)
The Magish accord is the backbone, supported by Lyral, Lilial and Hedione. (Tip: try to use Hedione HC in the Magish accord, it will sparkle even more).
Ylang Ylang brings depth, Clove leaf oil makes it lively, the Alpha Irone, Dorinia SE, Stemone and Givescone compose the flowery bouquet profile.
This formula gives you about 1oz (30 ml) of EDT.

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted milligram
Magish accord   100% 220 
BergamotEO 100% 450 
Benzyl salicytate AC 100% 195 
Floralozone AC 10% 20 
Lyral AC 25% 60 
Lilial AC 50% 160 
Yang Ylang EO 100% 60 
Alpha Irone  (or substitute Irisone Alpha)AC 10% 25 
Clove leaf (or substitute Eugenol)EO 100% 40 
Hedione AC 100% 540 
Silvanone Supra AC 10% 145 
Musk R1 AC 50% 35 
Verymoss AC 10% 105 
Stemone AC 10% 
Givescone AC 1% 75 
Dorinia SA E AC 10% 
Ambergris (or substitute Ambergris IFF)tincture 1% 45 
Alcohol  22.500 mg
(ca. 28 ml)