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IH: sensual sweet amber spicy woody leather perfume

This fragrance consists almost entirely of aroma chemicals and is a composition that is above all sweet and sultry. Notes of sweet fruit, amber, spices and leather are built on a bed of woods. Modern aroma chemicals such as Amber Xtreme and Timbersilk create a cloud of sensual stimuli. It is a heavy, oriental unisex perfume that can be worn excellent directly on the skin but also on clothing such as cashmere and wool.

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted milligram
Hindinol (sandalmysore core / santaliff)AC100% 190 
Ethyl maltol AC 10% 35 
Amber Xtreme AC20%15
Ambrocenide AC 2% 30 
VanillinAC 10% 50 
Ethyl vanillinAC 10% 15 
Eugenol AC 100% 25 
Pink peppercorn accord AC 100% 55 
Dulcinyl AC 100% 15 
Copaiba balsem EO 100% 45 
Terrasol AC 100% 
Raspberry ketone methyl ether AC 5% 50 
Musk R1 AC 50% 35 
Alcohol  9000 mg 
(ca. 12 ml)