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IF:Myrtle and citrus freshness explosion

A citrus based totally fresh perfume that lasts over 24 hours on a smelling strip. With this perfume we've tricked the citrus notes right into the heart and base notes. Normally the citrus top notes will evaporate within half an hour or so. This formula does a neat trick: citrus cologne perfume all day long! 

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted milligram
Myrtle EO  10%140 
Citrylal E AC  25 
Tetra hydromyrcenol AC  25 
Vernaldehyde AC  
Bergamot EO  225 
Ambrocenide AC 2% 20 
Hedione AC  320 
Bay rum note AC  10 
Petitgrain bigarade EO  15 
Zenolide AC  75 
Verymoss AC 10% 65 
Rose oxide AC 5% 
Galaxolide AC 50% 195 
Olibanum  EO  10 
White grapefruit EO  10%10 
Sandela AC  45 
Alcohol  7000 milligram