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IA: Sweet Tobacco Blond with leather and spices

If there are two scents you should absolutely give a try, it's Tobacco Blond absolute and Pink Peppercorn accord from They are beauties on their own!
I've created this Tobacco Blond perfume in two variations, using these two ingredients as a backbone. A "Light" and a "Spicy" version. Perfect perfumes for autumn season.
The Light version is overall, well, lighter, more delicate. Right after a sparkling opening it starts with a soft leather, sweet and unmistakable soft tobacco scent. In the background and dry down there are hints of dried prunes and raisins. The spicy version enhances these sweet dry fruits and leather even more and adds real spiciness with eugenol on top of the pink pepper accord.
Goes without the saying, starting the day with the Light version and layering the Spicy version later on, makes an excellent combo. The Ambroxan, IBCH and Galaxolide levels of the light version take care for a perfect fixative for the next layer at the end of the day. Enjoy!  

Ingredient% diluted Light version milligramSpicy version milligram
Benzyl alcohol100%795700 
Bergamot100% 645 430 
Hedione High Cis (HC)100%130 90 
Tobacco Blonde absolute 100% 415 320 
Pink Peppercorn accord 100% 265 105 
Light Patchouli 100% 20 20 
Ambroxan 10%90 30 
Dulcinyl 100% 10 
Methyl Diantilis100% 
Iso Bornyl Cyclo Hexanol100% 85 30 
Eugenol100% 20 
Guaiyl Acetate100% 10 20 
Gurjun Balsem 100% 30 10 
Raspberry Ketone Methyl Ether5%25 15 
Ambrocenide2%65 35 
Alcohol 10.000 mg10.000 mg