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GU: Calvin Klein Summer One and Ralph Lauren Polo mixed up

This perfume has many aspects that hint towards the freshness of Calvin Klein's One Summer. However, the heart and dry down
could be recognized from perfumes like the original Polo of Ralph Lauren. It's the perfect summer scent that should
start with freshness in the late afternoon and shifts towards a nice woody lingering base, shining through all night long. 

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted # drops
Cucumber     PO100% 
Lime EO 100% 
Bergamot EO 100% 
Green apple PO 100% 12 
Rosemary EO 100% 
Lotus blossom PO 100% 12 
Water accord (Hexapus.nlPO 100% 10 
Sandalwood Mysore EO 100% 
Oakmoss abs30% 
Algae (GroeneWereld)abs5% 
Vanilla PO 100% 
Timbersilk AC 100% 
Alcohol  420
(ca. 21 ml)