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GB: Cucumber Splash Marc Jacobs Style

Cucumber Splash Marc Jacobs Style: This perfume is based on the theme Marc Jacobs choose for his 
Splash Cucumber 2007: cucumber, of course, enriched by lotus blossom, linden blossom, Dutch freesia on a 
bed of white woods and musk. I couldn't resist playing with this accords and creating a nice perfume, or EDT in this case, 
for summer season. It's light like a breeze, reminds slightly on the freshness of fabric softener and can be worn unisex. 

The Pacific Leaf Oils come from NorthWest Aromatics. I've used  Perfume Oils (PO), or Frangrance Oils, from Hekserij
If you happen to have the real Essential Oils or Absolutes, you could  easily substitute them, however, start with a 
few less drops in that case and experiment to your taste.

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted # drops
Lotus blossom PO 100% 
Linden PO 100% 
Freesia PO 100% 
Musk mix  100% 
Creed accord  100% 
Kephalis AC 100% 
Cedar Atlas EO 100% 
Geosmin AC 0.005% 
Aldehyde C16 "peach" AC 10% 
Floralozone AC 10% 
Hedione AC 100% 
Vanille PO 100% 
Pacific Cedar Leaf Oil EO 10% 
Pacific Fir Leaf Oil EO 10% 
IPM  100% 
DEP  100% 
Alcohol  600
(ca. 30 ml)