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FJ: L'eau d'issey homme from Issey Miyake based perfume

This perfume composition is based on the famous L'Eau d'Issey Homme from Issey Miyake. I've used his theme
and put it in a more powdery, maybe even sweet direction compared to the bitter-fresh opening of the original.
The theme however depends greatly on Citruses and Calone, dry impact from Green Tea, Musks and Irones and
a kick from the spices. The woods provide the dry down base in combination with vanilla. Have fun tweaking 
this little example gem ;-)

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted # drops
Frankincense homemade tincture (spicy, fresh, citrus) 5%
Bergamot (Givaudan)AC(!) 100% 15 
DihydromyrcenolAC 100% 
Lime EO 100% 
Tangerine EO 100% 
Hedione AC 100% 
May Chang EO 100% 
Coriandre EO 100% 
Cypress EO 100% 
Mandarin EO 100% 
Sage EO 100% 
Nutmeg EO 100% 
Green Tea PO 100% 
Cinnamon aldehyde AC 25% 
Geranol 95 AC 100% 
Ethyl Saffranate AC 10% 
Lily of the Valley accord 
Cedar Atlas EO 100% 
Sandalwood MysoreEO 100% 
CoumarinAC 25% 
Calone AC 10% 
Muskenone AC 10% 
Tonalide AC 25% 
Ambroxan AC 10% 
Vanille PO 100% 
Vanille tincture  10% 
Tabanone AC 1% 
Alpha irone AC 10% 
Paradisamide AC 10% 
Alcohol  600
(ca. 30 ml)