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FD: Lemon and Violet marriage with an overdose

This Perfume is based on a traditional marriage found in scents like Green Irish Tweed from Creed: Lemon and Violets.
It's utterly fresh and reminds of seashores in summertime. 
There is an overdose in ambergris notes, coming from the combination of ambergris tincture, grisalva and ambroxan.
The Lemon is enriched by different citrus notes and elongated by the use of mandarin aldehyde.
Long lasting, especially for a citrus scent, due to the ambrocenide fixative, vanilla and sandalwood, even if diluted to EDT strength as in this example.
I made this on EDT, because in summertime one tends to spray a little more often ;-)
If you like to push it forward to the GIT experience, focus on adding Violet notes.

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted # drops
Linalyl acetateAC 100% 
HedioneAC 100% 
BergamotEO 100% 
Creed accord accord  10
AmbrocenideAC 2% 
Litsea Cubeba EO 100% 
ElemiEO 100% 
Tangerine EO 100% 
Ambroxan AC 10% 
Grisalva AC 25% 
Ethyl safranate AC 10% 
Vanille PO 100% 
Ultrazur AC 1% 
Mandarin aldehyde AC 10% 
Alpha irone AC 10% 
Oriniff AC 2.5% 
Ionone beta AC 100% 
Ambergris tincture  3% 
Sandalwood mysoreEO 100% 
Alcohol  480 
(ca. 24 ml)