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FA: cold as ice, fruits on the rocks

An utterly fresh, cool, transparent new perfume formula is added to the collection and available for free download. 
Fresh as the sea, cold as an iceberg. It's winter in a bottle. The formula is based on mints and menthols as a major theme. 
To create the crystal clear winter scent, notes like pink pepper, floralzone and whitewoods are added. To give it extra depth and
some warmth, it relies on fruits like pear and sweet orange. The dryness comes from the Ionones and Raldeine.

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted # drops
Bergamot EO 100% 
Elemi EO 100% 
Sweet orange EO 100% 10 
Tangerine EO 100% 
Linalyl acetate AC 100% 
Benzyl propionate AC 10% 
PearPO 100% 
Cornmint EO 100% 
Peppermint EO 100% 
Pink pepper EO 25% 
Ionone beta AC 100% 
Raldeine A AC 100%
Alpha irone AC 10% 
Cedar atlantica EO 100% 
Cedar atlas EO 100% 
Pacific Fir Leaf Oil EO 10% 
Labdanum EO 2.5% 
Vanilline AC 25% 
Paradisamide AC 10% 
Mandarin aldehyde AC 10% 
Floralzone AC 10% 
Castoreum tincture  0.5% 
Sandalwood (II preferably "salty" instead of "creamy") EO 25% 
Vanille PO 100% 
Hedione AC 100% 
Benzyl alcohol AC 100% 
Alcohol  180
(ca. 9 ml)