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EW: a unisex perfume for children and youngsters

This perfume is created especially for children and youngsters. It's fresh, sweet (of course, but not too) and has fine notes that lift it
above a nice scent and pushes it forward to a real perfume that develops over time. The "i just showered" kind of fresh ozonic
smell, with subtle flowers all to the dry down phase, layered on light woods with a sweet undertone makes it a perfect perfume
for boys and girls. Feel free to substitute the perfume oils used with essential oils or absolutes, when available.
If the perfume is to masculine to your taste, try to substitute the pomegranate with green apple or even rose.

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted # drops
Dihydromyrcenol AC 100% 
Ethyl linalool AC 100%
Geraniol 95 AC 100% 
Oxyoctalineformate AC 100% 
Olibanum  EO 100% 
Adoxal AC 100% 
Silvial AC 100% 
Givescone AC 10% 
Pharaone AC 10% 
Iso AmylsalicitateAC 100% 
Hedione AC 100% 
Benzyl alcohol AC 100% 
Black pepper EO 100% 
Benzyl propionate  AC 10% 
Dihydrojasmon AC 100% 
Sweet pea PO 100% 
Veratraldehyde AC 25% 
Ethyl vanilline AC 25% 
Timbersilk AC 100% 
Pacific Fir Leaf Oil EO 10% 
Labdanum  EO 2.5% 
Vanilla tincture  3% 
Alcohol  240
(ca. 12 ml)