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Escentric Molecule 01: ten variations on a theme

You've probably heard a lot about the hyped -and much copied- perfume Molecule 01 from Escentric. There are a lot of claims to be found on the internet stating that Molecule 01 is nothing else than about 15% of ISO E Super and perfumers alcohol, labeled and bottled. I don't think so. It's all about isomers, and that's a technical story, but IMHO it's ISO Gamma Super that plays an important role. But anyway, playing around with ISO E Super (cheap, versatile, well available) is good fun too. However, the bare-bone formula of ISO E Super and alcohol is a bit thin, it has some radiance due to the intrinsic qualities of ISO E Super, but it won't get you decent projection and something really interesting to sniff.
Inspired though by the minimalistic approach of Molecule 01, i did 10 variations on a theme. You just need to add 2 or 3 tiny amounts of aroma chemicals to create interesting scents that layer on top of the "ISO E Super Molecule 01 formula". Give it a try, you'll be surprised how close you come to neat perfumes. 

All measurements in milligrams!
(1 drop equals approximately 20 milligram, if you don't have a scale)
Zesty summer sweetnessSilky soft with a biteSweet roseDo i smell Aventus?This 1970's heaviness Beachy, airy, freshnessSweetest kiss on earthTickling spiciness That Acqua di Parma feel
Powdery sweet
Iso E Super 10% diluted in perfumers alcohol (no alcohol needed afterwards)2500 2500  2500  2500  2500  2500  2500  2500  2500  2500  
L'limonene 65 20%35         
Dewfruit 10%10         
Cashmeran 100% 30        
Paradisamide 1% 50        
Rubarbus 15% 20        
Ethyl Maltol 10%  10       
Rose Oxide 5%  20       
Moroccan Rose absolute 10%  20       
Pineapple accord 10%   15      
Norlimbanol 2%   50      
Tonka absolute 3%    15     
Light Patchouli 100%    10     
Cucumber aldehyde 0.05%     20    
Calone 10%     25    
Passion fruit 20%      20   
Exaltolide total 10%      15   
Bay rum note 100%       15  
Ethyl vanille 10%       10  
Apritone 1%       10  
Petit grain 100%        25 
Bois d'encens (Robertet) 33%        10 
Sweet tobacco 1%         15
Green Tea 3.3%         10