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EQ: a sweet and spicy scent like Hermes Rocabar

This formulation is relative simple, yet has a very well balanced spicy and sweet character that reminds me on
Rocabar from Hermes. Lots of woods and spices. The punchy high-kick opening comes from the ambrocenide and 
juniper. A beautiful warm scent for both winter and summertime. As always feel free to substitute or leave out some of the 
less available oils and aroma chemicals. (See also my tips and tricks) The ingredients are available via

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted # drops
Juniper oilEO100%2
Lavandin EO 100% 
Nutmeg EO 100% 
Cinnamon aldehyde AC 25% 
Cypres EO 100% 
Vanilla  EO 100% 
VanillaPO 100% 
PatchouliEO 100% 
Paradisamide AC 10% 
Cedar Atlas EO 100% 
Cedar Virginia EO 100% 
Ambergris tincture (or replace with aroma chemical) 3% 
Ambrocenide (or replace with this)AC 2% 
Labdanum EO 2.5% 
Tolu balsam  25% 
Optional: I've enhanced my version by adding this two beauties:    
Pacific Fir Leaf Oil  10% 
Pacific Cedar Leaf Oil  10% 
Alcohol  360 
(ca. 18 ml)