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EP fresh male perfume like Creed Silver Mountain Water

This perfume reminds me at Silver Mountain Water (SMW) from Creed. As you may already know i'm a huge fan of this house, and although this formula
comes not even close to the real Creed, it has some characteristics they share. The icy opening kicks in less subtle for instance and goes a long way.
As always, the quality depends on the oils used, but i'm sure you will like this composition, if you like SMW like i do. Give it a go, and don't hesitate
to tweak the amounts to your liking. Have fun!

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted # drops
Petit GrainEO 100% 
Lemon EO 100% 
Bergamot EO 100% 
Dihydromercynol AC 100% 
Green tea PO 100% 
Ionone beta AC 100% 
Mandarin aldehyde AC 10% 
Grisalva AC 25% 
Givescone AC 10% 
Geosmin AC 0.005% 
Sandalmysore core AC 100% 
Creed accord  100% 
Rose (white) PO 100% 
Black currant PO 100% 
Fig PO 100% 
Mandarin EO 100% 
Damascone beta AC 10% 
Calone AC 10% 
Labdanum EO 2.5% 
Musk mix  100% 
Ambrocenide AC 0.5% 
Alcohol  360
(ca. 18 ml)