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EN: summer fresh like Creed's Millesime Imperial

Spring and summertime, this perfume (EDT) is designed for this time of year. 
It slightly reminds on Creed's Millesime Imperial, due to the fruits and fresh, 
what i call 'Creed accord', found in a lot of their fragrances.

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted # drops
Mandarin   EO100%4
Bergamot EO 100% 10 
May Chang (Litsea Cubeba) EO 100% 
Lemon EO 100% 
Phenyl Acetate Aldehyde AC 2.5% 
Melon PO 100% 
Mandarin aldehyde AC 10% 
Ultrazur AC 1% 
Melonal AC 10% 
Creed Accord accord 100% 
Musk Mix accord 100% 
Labdanum EO 2.5% 
Benzoë tincture  100% 
Veratraldehyde AC 25% 
Sandalmysore Core AC 100% 
Alpha irone AC 10% 
Geosmin AC 0.005% 
Vanilla tincture  100% 
Alcohol  400
(ca. 20 ml)