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EE: The warmth of a fireplace

This perfume relies big on soft woods and spices. Especially the Cinnamon adds to the feeling of autumn, fireplaces, 
winter and cashmere sweaters. The bridging flower is an exquisite aroma chemical Dorinia SA E. For the Musk Mix take a look at my perfume accords

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted # drops
Cedar (Atlas) EO100%6
Bornylacetate AC 100% 
Vertofix AC 100% 
Oud blend  AC 25% 
Ebanol AC 100% 
Tabanon AC 10% 
Ionone beta AC 100% 
Alpha irone AC 10% 
Vanille PO 100% 
Musk mix accord 100% 
Javanol AC 20% 
Teak PO 20% 
Hedione AC 100% 
Toscanol AC 10% 
Civet AC 1% 
Dorinia SA E AC 100% 
Lime EO 100% 
Rosemary EO 100% 
Juniper EO 100% 
Sage EO 100% 
Cinnamon aldehyde AC 25% 
Cosmone AC 20% 
Alcohol  240
(ca. 12 ml)