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BZ, it smells like a thousand year old cathedral

This perfume has the warmth and depth of the frankincense one can smell entering old 
cathedrals throughout Europe. It is enriched with hints of Oud wood and lifted by
sweet fruits. It has a lingering depth, is long lasting and narcotic.

If you like to add some real 'smokey burnt incense' to it, consider adding a drop of my smoke tincture!

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted # drops
 Labdanum resinoid
 Ciste EO100 
 Coriander EO25 
 Sweet orange EO100 
 Aurantiol AC50 
 Oranger Crystal AC20 
 Mandarin EO100 
 Davana EO100 
 Olibanum resinoid 50
 Olibanum EO100 
 Black currant PO100 
 Berryflor AC100 
 Damascone bèta AC10 
 Bay leaf EO25 
 Cinnamaldehyde AC25 
 Dossinia AC100 
 Red rose otto 25
 Rose wood EO100 
 Clove leaf EO100 
 Eugenol AC100 
 Celery seed EO20 
 Guaiacwood EO33 
 Patchouli EO100 
 Opoponax EO100 
 Myrrh EO100 
 Cedarwood EO100 
 Oud blend (see the perfumers apprentice website in FAQ!) AC25 
 Black agar AC100 
 Tobacco absolute 25
 Benzoë tincture 100
 Benzoë resinoid 50
 Okoumal AC20 
 Ambergris tincture 
 Verymoss AC20 
 Ambroxan AC10 
 Musk R1 AC33 
 Cedramber AC100 
 Bois ambrene forte AC100 
 Coumarine AC30 
H2O   2
Alcohol  120 
(ca. 6 ml)