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Vanilla accord V1

This accord is a variation on Louis Appel's Vanilla 10 base. I've adjusted it to impart more velvet and slight spiced smokiness.
I personally dislike the huge maltol impact in the original by Appel, and use only about 10% of the original formula.
Be aware i substituted his maltol for ethyl maltol and peru balsam for tolu balsam. It suits my needs better.
The 20% dilution with DPG is optional, but in this case my preference to work with. 

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted milligram
Benzyl benzoateAC100%1370
Ethyl maltolAC 10% 30
Heliotropex N IFFAC100% 100
VanillinAC100% 295
Anis aldehydeAC 100%90
Tolu balsamres5%95
Ethyl heptanoateAC50%8
Heptalactone gammaAC100%20
Sweet orangeEO100%6
Ethyl vanillin propylene glycol acetalAC100%20
DPG  8000