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Musk mix

This accord combines a vast amount of different musks. Not all people are able to smell all kind of musks. 
I think this combination works out quite fine to cover for most people to smell at least one or two aspects of
the complex musk palette. 

IngredientEO/PO/AC% diluted # drops
Galaxolide DEPAC 50% 10 
Ethylbrassyliate AC 100% 
Muscenone AC 10% 10 
Tonalide AC 25% 
Musk R1 AC 33% 
Musk keton AC 20% 
Auratouch AC 25% 
Velvione AC 100% 
Exaltolide AC 50% 5
Ambrocenide AC 2% 
Vanille PO 100%