HI: Minty freshness with longevity based on Eros Versace

I liked the description of Versace's Eros perfume a lot, perfect for summer: Mint, Green apple, Lemon, Tonka bean, Geranium, Ambroxan, Madagascar vanilla, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Virginian cedar and Altas cedar. However, when sampling this perfume, i noticed a high overwhelming fresh and clean metallic 'Dihydromyrcenol' and Citrus character layered on top of sweet-overkill and few and short of the above notes in the dry downGiven the original ingredient list, i've reworked it to a perfume with longevity and the complete list of ingredients will walk by throughout the day.

This perfume is mainly based on the Essential Oils and Aroma Chemicals available through CreatingPerfume.com.
If you lack some ingredients, take a look at my substitution tips & tricks!

Ingredient# drops
Peppermint EO2
Lemon EO32 
Limonen Dextro 50%
Citrus fixative
Green Apple fragrance oil
Coumarin 25%
Vanilla CO2
Geranium EO
Geranol 95
Ambroxan 10%
Vetiver EO
Oakmoss 30% 
Cedar Virgin EO 
Cedar Atlas EO
Mahagonate AC 
Floralol AC 
Azuril AC 
Vetimoss AC
Melafleur AC 
Manazanate AC
Ultrazur 1% AC 
Benzaldehyde 1% AC 
Dihydromyrcenol AC 
Paradisamide 10% AC 
Aldehyde C10 10% AC
Pink pepper 25% EO 
Creed accord
MAGISH accord 
Vanilline 25% 

Let the composition age for about two weeks, store cool and dark and shake every other day.
This will give you about 4 ml of perfume concentrate.
Dilute to the preferred strength according to the "strength" table on this page.
For example, adding 28 ml of alcohol or IPM will give you 32 ml (1 oz) of perfume on about 15% strength. 

Enjoy your perfume!