HH: a narcotic love potion

This perfume is based on the Aroma Accords and Aroma Chemicals available through CreatingPerfume.com.

Simple yet lovely. This is creamy, lovely, sweetness, amber sweetness in a bottle. Based on the beautiful Cashmeran, the Trimofix and Tobacarol create warm, dry yet clear amber aspects. (As if Cashmeran hasn't enough yet ;-)). The coumarin adds the Tonka-sweet layer while the Patchouli essential oil creates depth and complexity (use the best you can get!). The word narcotic must have been invented for this perfume ;-)

Ingredient# drops
Trimofix "O" TT21
Ambercore 40 
Coumarin 25%    58

Let the composition age for about one week, store cool and dark and shake every other day.
This will give you about 10 ml of perfume concentrate.
Dilute to the preferred strength according to the "strength" table on this page.
For example, adding 30 ml of alcohol or IPM will give you 40 ml of perfume on 25% strength. 

Enjoy your perfume!