HF: Jasmine Musk

This perfume is based on the Aroma Accords and Aroma Chemicals available through CreatingPerfume.com.

Jasmine Musk in overdose :) Both the Musk and Jasmine aspects are composed throughout the entire dry down, from start to finish. Two beautiful accords from CreatingPerfume.com serve as basic skeleton for this perfume: Jasmine Musk and Woody Chypre. The Gelsol is added to back the Jasmine from the Jasmine Musk accord and Applelide, Ultralid and Helvetolide will back the musky character in all stages. Applelide more creamy and powdery while Helvetolide will bring a rich musk charter to the top notes. Both Trimofix and Tobacarol add a tobacco, dusty, amber, woody but above all male aspect to this perfume. If you are into musks and jasmine, a must try! Enjoy.

Ingredient# drops
Jasmine Musk accord80
Trimofix "O" TT 
Applelide    32 
Ultralid 17 
Helvetolide 21 
Woody Chypre accord 50 

Let the composition age for about one week, store cool and dark and shake every other day.
This will give you about 12 ml of perfume concentrate.
Dilute to the preferred strength according to the "strength" table on this page.
For example, adding 36 ml of alcohol or IPM will give you 48 ml of perfume on 25% strength. 

Enjoy your perfume!