GT: Extended citrus freshness summer scent

This perfume, mainly based on Aroma Accords from is for true citrus & summer enthusiasts.
I've managed to bring citrus all the way too the base notes and dry down. Sweetened up by coumarin, honeysuckle, 
vanilla and melon. Refreshing due to adoxal, calone and grisalva. Which bridges perfect with some musk notes and spices.

IngredientEO/PO/AC# drops
Citronellyl Nitrile (Creating Perfume) AC  20
Limonen dextro re-distilled (Creating Perfume) AC 20
May Chang (litsea cubeba) EO 3
Oceanic Accord (Creating Perfume) Accord 5
AdoxalAC 1
Ethyl linalool AC  7
Melon PO 3
Melon Accord (Creating Perfume)Accord 2
Citrus Accord (Creating Perfume) Accord 10
Fresh Accord (Creating Perfume) Accord 3
Vanilla CO2 (Creating Perfume) CO2 5
Timbersilk AC 3
Calone 10%AC  4
Eugenol AC  1
Hedione AC  5
Allspice tincture 3%Tincture  2
Auratouch  20%AC  2
Cosmone 20%AC  2
Galaxolide 50%AC  5
Grisalva 25%AC  3
Honeysuckle PO  4
Coumarin 25%AC8
Alcohol 720 
(ca. 36 ml)