GS: spiced-up male magnolia

This perfume is based on the Aroma Accords and Aroma Chemicals available through
They offer all the ready-to-blend accords mentioned below.

The perfume is a typical male perfume, green though warm, floral sweet magnolia like, with certain oriental hints.
Perfect for a late dinner, or at the fire place in late winter, with the first glimpses of spring around the corner.
The last 5 ingredients are optional, they do have a certain impact though. I've provided the links to my trustworthy suppliers. But if you can't get these additional ingredients, don't worry. They are merely finishing touches. Enjoy! 

Ingredient# drops
Balsam accord 30 
Spice accord 24 
Magnolia accord 35 
Sandalwood agar accord 12 
Mellis accord 12 
Chypre accord 
Floral accord 
Nagarmotha essential oil 
Immortelle essential oil 
Tolu balsam 25% dilution 
Black agar aroma chemical 
Okoumal 20% aroma chemical4

Let the composition age for about one week, store cool and dark and shake every other day.
This will give you about 8 ml of perfume concentrate.
Dilute to the preferred strength according to the "strength" table on this page.
For example, adding 24 ml of alcohol or IPM will give you 32 ml (about 1 oz) of perfume on 25% strength. 

Enjoy your perfume!