GM: Basic woody male

This perfume is a typical fresh, woody male based on the Fougère and Wood accords.
The Aromatic, Floral and Helichrysum bring another layer of freshness and the
Sandalwood gives it a sturdy though soft base.

This perfume is entirely based on the Aroma Accords and Aroma Chemicals available through
Note that the drops are in the diluted form used by CreatingPerfume where applicable.

Ingredient# drops
Sandalwood amber10

Let the composition age for about one week, store cool and dark and shake every other day.
This will give you about 5 ml of perfume concentrate.
Dilute to the preferred strength according to the "strength" table on this page.
For example, adding 25 ml of alcohol or IPM will give you 30 ml (1 oz) of perfume on 20% strength. 

Enjoy your perfume!