HR: A gourmand scent like niche perfume Boccanera

This perfume formulation uses the same notes as Boccanera by Orto Parisi. The later more vanilla like,
this composition is pure Gourmand in a bottle ;-) 
It can we worn unisex and is a real lush perfume. For Wintertime and Hot Summer evenings!
This perfume is mainly based on the Aroma Accords and Aroma Chemicals available through

Ingredient# milligrams
Chocolate perfume oil60
Ginger essential oil35 
Black pepper essential oil25 
Spice accord10 
Sandalwood    100 
Santall (IBCH) 25% 90 
Sandalwood IFF (salty) 25% 70 
Applelide 85 
Romandolide 55 
Bacdanol 35 
Trimofix "O" TT 100 
Gourmand accord255 
Vanilla perfume oil 35 
Coffee tincture *)  220  
Timbersilk 110 
Hedione 105 

This formula is quite different than others, it's in milligrams (more accurate) rather than drops.
This is done because it's a rather delicate fragrance formula. For tryouts, you can substitute about 20 milligram for one drop.
Let the composition age for about one week, store cool and dark and shake every other day.
Dilute to the preferred strength according to the "strength" table on this page with alcohol.

*) The coffee tincture is optional but adds a nice, tiny sparkle in the opening of the perfume.
You make it yourself by adding about 7 grams of ground coffee to 50 milliliters of alcohol in a small dark bottle.
Shake it once a day (or as often as you can) for at least 6 weeks and preferably 6 months.
Filtrate and your home made tincture is ready! :) 

Enjoy your perfume!