Aroma accord formulations

I'm proud of my new cooperation with Creating Perfume offers a simple easy way to create perfume in a few easy steps with the introduction of perfumers Aroma Accords. The perfumers “Aroma Accords” are combinations of undiluted raw perfume materials. Formulating the starting point of an expert perfume.

I've received a lot of questions about simpler, easier ways to start with formulation of your own fragrances, without the need of buying a lot of single aroma chemicals and essential oils. This is the excellent first step if you are new to perfumery Do It Yourself. There is a lot to discover and learn about the balance in top, heart and base notes and proven combinations in adding different accords together. 

Especially for the Creating Perfume's range of aroma accords i've developed beautiful combinations for you to try. 
More formulas will be added, so keep an eye on this page!

For inquiries about the ingredients used and ingredient orders please contact CreatingPerfume directly.