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Custom made and bespoke perfumes and fragrances

posted Aug 18, 2013, 11:42 AM by Jeroen Sparla   [ updated Jul 21, 2016, 12:44 AM ]
Be unique with my Private Blend Collection.
There are perfumes i've created that are too complicated or wild for mainstream use and marketing. Or simply contain strange and expensive materials, found at my travels all over the world. 
These are the rarities of my Private Blend Collection. 
They all are very limited: they where made in test batches in my laboratory, in amounts of maximum 250 milliliters, but often in far smaller volumes. 
These Private Blend Collection perfumes all share these common aspects: they are strange, not mainstream, have expensive and rare natural ingredients in their formulation and are unique and exclusive due there limited sample production straight from my lab.
I've got a lot of questions about individual and exclusive perfume formulations, to stand out from the crowd. 
Without going the Bespoke-path -that's individual and exclusive for sure- but maybe a bit steep priced. 
This Private Blend Collection might fills the gap for you. 
You can rely on a special, unique perfume, for an accessible affordable price. 
Since all these perfumes are strictly limited by volume (1 to 8 bottles, depending on the batch), i can't predict upfront what exact scent you will get. 
I can promise it's unique, daring, bold, risky and gutsy and Unisex. And always contains real Ambergris to smooth out the blend. 
Since collecting Ambergris from beaches all over the world is one of my big devotions.

Feel free to take a look.