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Ambrocenide in low quantities

posted May 26, 2014, 12:47 AM by Jeroen Sparla

Hurrah! Found it! A lot of visitors asked me where they can buy Ambrocenide. I love this aroma chemical, use it a lot for a citrus-wood connection, a citrus fixative and the awkward sparkle it provides in the top notes. Beautiful stuff. My regular suppliers don't stock it anymore and it's become hard to find. But, Hurrah, I've found that the new webshop Perfume Supply House stocks Ambrocenide, and in quantities as low as 4 grams ($5). It's already diluted to 10% in DPG, and even this should be diluted even more, for workable amounts. I diluted mine further at 2%. At least, what's left of it. Glad to have found a new supplier, just in time! 

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