The Site

The objective of this site  is to talk about one of the challenging areas in Software Development. It is nothing but Performance Testing. From the name itself, you know that, it is one type of testing. But really it is more than that. It should be termed as Performance Engineering. But discussions in this site are restricted to only testing aspects. All the details in this site are from author's Performance Testing experiences. This is not intended to talk about tons of performance testing methodologies but some of the interesting aspects of that. And some tips to give give extra  edge in Performance Testing.

The Author

Raj is a lead performance engineer for Cloud based Integration Software Product and has 10+ years of experience in Performance Testing and Engineering consulting. He is also a LoadRunner Certified Product Consultant . He has  engineered Performance Test solutions for eCommerce, Email gateway, Online Banking, Mortgage , Documentum, Business Rule Engine, Warehouse Control, Transportation Management and B2B Integration applications in Retail, Banking, Media, Insurance, Healthcare, Logistics and Consumer Goods Business domains. He has also specialized in  identifying Performance bottlenecks by correlating client side performance statistics with J2EE/.Net Server side metrics captured using Windows Perfmon, Unix vmstat, IBM Tivoli Performance Viewer, Apache Server Status, HP Jmeter, HP Diagnostics, Oracle AWR etc..

Performance Testing Fun