Training a dog should be a fun, enjoyable experience for all parties. Perfect Paws Canine Club is committed to ensuring that this happens by providing education, training and developmental classes, courses and workshops.

We are a dog-training club based in the Highlands of Scotland. The area we cover primarily is East Sutherland and Easter Ross from a line as far south as Evanton, North to the Sutherland - Caithness border, and inland to Lairg. However membership of our club is not restricted to people residing within this area.


The aims of the club are to promote responsible dog ownership through training, which should be an enjoyable experience for all parties and to stimulate interest in other canine related events which many people in remote areas rarely have the opportunity to attend.


We hope to cover many aspects of owning a pet by bringing into the area specialist people to run courses and workshops on behavioural problems, specialist training, canine first aid, grooming, agility, working trials, ring craft, and many other topics.


We welcome members of all ages and abilities but please note that all Junior Members (16 years old and under) attending classes must be accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout.