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Cuisinart PSC-350 Programmable Slow Cooker Review

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The Cuisinart PSC-350 is the best Crockpot from the Cuisinart slow cooker makers. Cuisinart is very well known for making slow cooker crockpots and this manufacturer got so many appreciations from the users. In the list of crock pot reviews, we are going to review this Cuisinart slow cooker. It is a lightweight slow cooker with a size of 3.5-quart which means it’s not a large crock pot. But this cooker is better than any other slow cookers for small families or couples or single person as well. One more great fact about this cooker is its affordability; anyone can afford it as its price tag is not so high. Though the size of this crock pot is not big as 6-quart crock pot still it is a tiny powerhouse that can give you surprise while using it.

The Cuisinart PSC-350 is the best crock pot out there on market right now and you can’t complain about that. After a long time research, we choose this Cuisinart slow cooker in the rundown of our crock pot reviews. There are lots of features packed in this small crock pot that made this the best one. Let’s see the features of this slow cooker below –

Cuisinart  Slow Cooker Features:

It almost has all the features like a quart crock pot. Let’s start with the display, the Cuisinart PSC-350 programmable slow cooker has a full LED timer display and you can control the whole process of cooking by using your fingertips as there is a touch pad control. Unlike other large crock pot, it has no physical clock in it, there is only a countdown timer. You can set the timer easily at any point from 0 to 24 hours to get your perfect and desired result in cooking. 24 hours of timing feature can be used incredibly in this cooker as many slow cookers out there don’t let you control the whole timing system. If you can’t control the timing of your cooking then you won’t get the perfect result that’s why the Cuisinart PSC-350 is the best crock pot out there.

With four different modes settings, you will get outstanding cooking performance from this slow cooker. These modes are high, low simmer and keep warm mode. You can use all these different modes to get the desired result of your cooking. The simmer mode is the main advantage of using this cooker which will ease your cooking by 50%. You don’t have to take the food in a different pot to simmer, you can simply choose the simmer mode in this cooker and it will easily simmer within a short time. You can monitor the progress of your cooking at the display.

Using the timer you can chill and do whatever you can and the cooker will automatically go into warm mode after finishing cooking. The other typical cookers, they annoy you by making noise when cooking finished. You can simply get rid of this suffering and live a peaceful life by just replacing your existing slow cooker with Cuisinart PSC-350 programmable slow cooker.

By using the keep warm mode you can serve your dish to guest anytime within eight hours. If you are getting annoyed by warming your dishes time and time while eating then you don’t have to do that anymore. In the warm mode, your food will be ready for serving up to eight long hours. After eight hours if you don’t remember that you kept your food in the cooker in the warm mode it will beep for five minutes to warn you. After five minutes of beeping it will automatically shut down.

All these features of this cooker made it the best Crockpot.

 Easy to use:

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Like other typical and high-priced crock pots, it doesn’t have too many buttons to use it. And too many buttons make any cooker difficult to use and it is not easy to figure out which button is for which process. The Cuisinart PSC-350 has a simple LCD touchpad to control your cooking easily and there is also a display which will show the progress of your cooking. There are two simple buttons one is ‘+’ which is to advance the time and another button is ‘–which is used to reverse the time. You can reverse or advance time from 00:00 to 24:00 hours.

With four different cooking modes, you can get perfect cooking and desired result. I hope you know about all these four cooking modes as we discussed this earlier. Just to let you know more about the modes the warm mode is used for keeping food hot for a long time.

Within a very short time, the cooker cools down easily after cooking is finished so that you don’t need to wait long to wash the cooker. You can clean the cooker easily and you don’t have to buy something special to clean it. You can simply clean it using your dishwasher. There are two parts of this cooker one is the ceramic pot and another one is the glass lid and good thing is that you can wash both. Because of its small size, you can easily use this slow cooker with comfort. Don’t be a fool with the mini size of this cooker it is capable of delivering perfect performance than other slow cookers.

Safe and Healthy:

The Cuisinart PSC-350 programmable slow cooker is safer than any other cookers out there. The manufacturer made this cooker by following the North American Electrical Standards. Your hand will not burn when you touch the handle of this cooker as the handles are made with the stay-cool feature.

This Cuisinart slow cooker ensures a healthy cooking as the inner pot of this cooker is made of the ceramic and external part is made of stainless steel. You can have a healthy cooking with this cooker without worrying.


·    Affordable

·    Easy to use and clean

·    Perfect size for small familybest slow cookers

·    Warm mood to keep food hot for a long time

·    24-hour cooking timer

·    Touchpad and an LCD display to control the cooker

·    Healthy ceramic cooking pot

·    Simmer mode to ease cooking simmer food

·    Can be cleaned with dishwasher

·    Light-weight


·    Handle is a bit short

·    Customer service is average


Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a best slow cooker within a low budget then I will suggest you buy the Cuisinart PSC-350 programmable slow cooker. It has lots of features that can fulfill your wish of easy cooking. Most importantly it is easy to use and clean. You can go for it without any doubt as it is the best Crockpot in the market right now.