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Russia under Putin

The making of a neo-KGB state

Political power in Russia now lies with the FSB, the KGB's successor

On the evening of August the 22-nd 1991—16 years ago this week — Alexei Kondaurov, a KGB general, was standing by the darkened window of his Moscow office and watching a jubilant (ликующую) crowd. They were moving towards the KGB headquarters in Lubyanka Square (площади, как и улицы,- без артикля).
A coup (французское слово "удар" [ku:] - государственный переворот) against Mikhail Gorbachov had just been defeated (потерпел крушение). Пример:

to defeat the enemy — разбить противника, одержать победу над противником

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The head of the KGB who had helped to orchestrate it had been arrested, and Silovik Kondaurov was now one of the most senior officers left in the fast-emptying building.
For a moment the thronged (to throng to see smb. — сходиться толпами, чтобы увидеть кого-то) masses seemed to be heading straight towards him.

Then their anger was diverted to the statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky, the KGB's founding father. A couple of men climbed up and slipped a rope round his neck.
Then he was yanked (дёргать, рвать) up by a crane.
Watching “Iron Felix” sway in mid-air, Mr Kondaurov, who had served in the KGB since 1972, felt betrayed “by Gorbachev, by Yeltsin, by the impotent coup leaders”.
He remembers thinking, “I will prove to you that your victory will be short-lived.”

Those feelings of betrayal and humiliation were shared by 500,000 KGB operatives across Russia and beyond, including Vladimir Putin, whose resignation as a lieutenant-colonel in the service had been accepted only the day before.

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Eight years later, though, the KGB men seemed poised (балансировать; удерживаться, держаться в равновесии) for revenge.
Just before he became president, Mr Putin told his ex-colleagues at the Federal Security Service (FSB), the KGB's successor, “A group of FSB operatives, dispatched (dispatch - отправлять, посылать. Отсюда – "диспетчер") under cover to work in the government of the Russian federation, is successfully fulfilling its task.” He was only half joking.

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Over the two terms of Mr Putin's presidency, that “group of FSB operatives” has consolidated its political power and built a new sort of corporate state in the process.
Men from the FSB and its sister organisations control the Kremlin, the government, the media and large parts of the economy — as well as the military and security forces. According to research by Olga Kryshtanovskaya, a sociologist at the Russian Academy of Sciences, a quarter of the country's senior bureaucrats are siloviki — a Russian word силовики meaning, roughly, “power guys”, which includes members of the armed forces and other security services, not just the FSB.

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The proportion rises to three-quarters (3/4) if people simply affiliated to the security services are included.
These people represent a psychologically homogeneous (однородную) group, loyal to roots that go back to the Bolsheviks' first political police, the Cheka (ЧК).
As Mr Putin says repeatedly, “There is no such thing as a former Chekist.”
By many indicators, today's security bosses enjoy a combination of power and money without precedent in Russia's history. The Soviet KGB and its pre-revolutionary ancestors did not care much about money; power was what mattered.
Influential though it was, the KGB was a “combat division” of the Communist Party, and subordinate to it.
As an outfit (группа, партия; компания) that was part (частью; отчасти; частично) intelligence organisation, part security agency and part secret political police, it was often better informed, but it could not act on its own authority; it could only make “recommendations”.
In the 1970s and 1980s it was not even allowed to spy on the party bosses and had to act within Soviet laws, however inhuman.

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