Phd&Master Thesis

Supervised Phds.

  1. A. Mallios. Sonar Scan Matching For Localization and Mapping in Confined Underwater Environments. University of Girona, supervised by P. Ridao and D. Ribas, June 2012.
  2. E. Hernàndez. Path Planning with Homotopic Constraints for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. University of Girona, supervised by P. Ridao and M. Carreras, June 2012.
  3. N. Palomeras. A Mission Control System for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. Supervised by Pere Ridao and Carlos Jorge Ferreira Silvestre (IST), Decembre 2011.
  4. D. Ribas. Underwater SLAM for Structured Environment Using an Imaging SonarPhD Thesis, Girona, Spain, 2008. Co-Supervised with Dr. José Neira (Universidad de Zaragoza)
  5. Marc Carreras. A Proposal of a Behavior-based Control Architecture with Reinforcement Learning for an Autonomous Underwater Robot. September 2003.

Supervised Master Thesis.

  1. Dina Youakim. MoveIt! based Implementation of an I-AUVMaster Thesis, Girona, Spain, 2015.
  2. Josep Bosch Alay. Calibration and practical application of an omnidirectional underwater camera. Co-directed with Dr. Nuno Gracias. Master Thesis, Girona, Spain, 2014.
  3. Albert Palomer. Probabilistic ICP for Bathymetry-Based SLAMMaster Thesis, Girona, Spain, 2013.
  4. Guillem Vallicrosa. Realtime AUV Terrain Based Navigation with Octomap. Master Thesis, Girona, Spain, 2013.
  5. Carlos Becker. Simultaneous Sonar Beacon Localization & AUV Navigation. Master Thesis, Girona, Spain, 2011.
  6. Muhammad Habib Mahmood. Localization of e-puck mobile robot using IR Sensors. Master Thesis, Girona, Spain, 2010.
  7. Angellos Mallios. Pose-Based SLAM with Probabilistic Scan Matching Algorithm using a Mechanical Scanned Imaging Sonar. Master Thesis, Girona, Spain, 2009. 
  8. Tomeu Palmer. Short Range Vision Based Navigation System for Autonomous Docking on Subsea Intervention Panels. Master Thesis, Girona, Spain, 2008. 
  9. Wajahat Kazmi. Detection and Tracking of a Wall of a Dam using a Mechanically Scanned Imaging Sonar. Master Thesis, Girona, Spain, 2008.
  10. E. Hernandez. A Proposal for Probabilistic Scan Matching with a Mechanical Scaning Imaging SonarMaster Thesis, Girona, Spain, 2008.
  11. Guillermo Garcia de Marina. A global Localization System for Structured Environments Using an Imaging Sonar. Master Thesis, Girona, Spain, 2008.
  12. Narcis Palomeras. Mission Control System for an AUV. Master Thesis, Girona, Spain, 2007.
  13. D. Ribas. Towards Simultaneous Localization & Mapping for an AUV Using an Imaging SonarMaster Thesis, Girona, Spain, 2005.