I'm Mauro Perego, currently a post-doc at the Scientific Computing Department of Florida State University.

My interests are numerical and mathematical treatment of partial differential equations that arise in applications ranging from biomedical to geoscience problems. Currently I'm  working with Max Gunzburger and John Burkardt on developing a  finite element model for the solution of ice-sheets dynamics. This project is in collaboration with W. Lipscomb and S. Price (Los Alamos National labs) , K. Evans (Oakridge national labs) and A. Salinger (Sandia national labs). Also I'm collaborating with J. Ockendon, J.Allen and P. Howell on the expansion of a plasma, using Vlasov-Poisson equations and cold-ion models.

My previous research was focused on numerical and mathematical methods for  biomedical applications, in particular hemodynamics, electro-cardiology. I worked with Alessandro Veneziani at the department of Mathematics & Computer Science at Emory University.

I'm also an active developer of the c++ finite element library LifeV.

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   Scientific Computing Department, Florida State University
   400, Dirac Science Library
   Tallahassee, 32306, Florida, US