Intro to Information Percolation

The process of filtering information in regards to coherently predefined criteria serving as quality metrics.

The InfoPerc initiative has articulated as its mission – to harness awareness of information quality.  Be that as it may…

…I’d like to nudge formality aside and confess to you right now, something that most guru experts would certainly like to keep a bit more obscure as they have so far, rather than me just coming out and saying it, in plain English, since it is basically… nothing new of a concept!

The snazzy picture beneath was something that was made at the beginning of this endeavor and its main purpose, actually, is to bring to your attention the necessity for defining concepts clearly simply. a definition cannot be iterative! (i.e.: "Information is something that informs us! WRONG! that's not a definition). So in order to get to the 'beyond' part of all this, it was eminent I come up with just such a definition for information, conceptually simple, universally true (no exceptions) ... and I did, here goes:

Information: the representation of experiences, or impressions, or events (come to think of it, to say that 'to inform means to represent... would not be erroneous)

That’s right – there’s really nothing profoundly new or original in the practice of percolation, other than my individual interpretation, synthesis – so to say, of undisputedly effective ‘practices of perfection’ – methods that have been “getting the job done” for more than one person in the past, hence: logic follows they will get the job done for others yet to come. By considering and recognizing such patterns of “cause à result” outside of their current frame of reference we’re actually able to represent them as a model of a system, and subsequently transpose them to a frame of reference, which currently lacks such a system.

Now, I am well aware of the striking similarity between what you just read above and “a bunch of metaphysical mumbo jumbo”, however: for every nay-sayer that can’t back up his disbelief, I can cite 10 historically authentic case studies where such “mumbo jumbo” works… and has worked more than once in similar situations. Now, keeping that in mind

Here’s the insiders’ tip on making the mumbo jumbo work for you: if you don’t believe that “it works” it still works – just not for you. So between the two options present (to be or not to be) – the one where you don’t believe that it works, constantly belittle people who preach yet somehow you’re the one who’s always “out of luck”; … and the second option where you believe that it works, start practicing what is preached and … your luck changes. It’s up to you!

Now, bringing your attention to my promise as of earlier – that you leave obviously less confused about information online than when you first started; yes – keeping that very promise in mind and my candid demeanor so far, please give me this single indulgence, just for me. The favor I’d like to request, is that you give a little faith and imagine… that the all-focusing mental perspective you’ve been searching for uncertainly all this time has dropped in for dinner unannounced.

After the feast, it gradually dawns upon you that – the hazy uncertain future is no longer such a menacing image; you now see only solutions where before resided primarily problems, and effectively extract an opportunity from a situation formerly classified as “certain peril”.

As if all of that transformational development wasn’t enough, but you’re now daily falling into a state of benignly narcissistic state of semi-euphoric trance, in the limbo of uncertainty about which grand idea you should facilitate and invest time into next; and now that you’ve got a few of them lined up in a sequence and are working your behind off on … all of them – when will it end, and I thought ‘fulfillment’ had a more nihilistically tranquil ring to it… but I shouldn’t have such thoughts because I know what I’m doing – but there’s so much to do Now, if you just kind of, sorta really imagined what I was talking about there; even may be caught a distant feeling that it was you that all this was happening to … than you’ve had quick glimpse of what I’ve been going through lately. --and now: back to our regularly scheduled program—