Study Consent

I am being asked to participate in a study called "Perceptions of Political Institutions," conducted by Dr. Anke Grosskopf and Dr. Nancy Frye, who are faculty members at C.W. Post, Long Island University. The purpose of this study is to examine people’s perceptions of different political institutions. Additionally, I will be asked to provide some background information about myself. It will take approximately twenty minutes to complete this questionnaire.
My participation in this study is voluntary. I understand that I may leave blank any question that I feel uncomfortable answering, and that I may discontinue participation in the study at any time. My identity as a participant will remain anonymous. My name will not be included in any forms. I understand that individual participants' responses will not be reported and results will be reported only in the aggregate. Additionally, I understand that there are no anticipated risks to me for participating in this study, and that the results of the study may provide benefits to the fields of psychology and political science.

This study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board of CW Post. If I have any questions regarding my rights as a subject, I may contact the Executive Secretary of the Institutional Review Board, Ms. Kathryn Rockett at (516) 299-2523. I may also contact Dr. Anke Grosskopf at or Dr. Nancy Frye at

By clicking "Continue to the study" below and completing the questionnaire, I am consenting to participate in this study.

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