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Perceive Srinath is among the efforts of the author to open a series of web pages based on his interests and his obsessions. It may be considered to be the confluence point of all links to his web pages. The author also takes these pages as an experiment in web design, to try out the various ways of designing a web page and, most importantly hosted for free. The author wishes to express his sincere thanks to Google for providing a place to express oneself, all for free!

The reader can start exploring by clicking one of the several classifications found on the menu to the left. Clicking on one classification will display a description of what web pages come under that classification and what they will contain.

In hope that these pages will keep the readers entertained and informed, the author welcomes any suggestions for improvement or fine-tuning of any of the web pages linked from here. Contact information is on the contact link to the left.

About the author

Srinath is a student at the College of Engineering, Guindy pursuing  his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Geoinformatics. More information can be found on the contact page.