A Discussion on the Burden of Silence:

At the Level of:

Remez and Derash of Sod, in the Garden of Pardes.

By a Friend of Yaqob that has Ascended the Mountain.

“That First called the two religions, the Turkish and the Christian, the two slippers. From that surely one can conclude, that somebody will have to put them on. He revealed to you a great thing—that there are two—but he himself didn't know yet what they are; because he was not in that secret Das, for it is impossible to enter that Das until one comes to Esau, for first it stands, It will light up from Seir, and then it will shine forth from Izmael—absolutely from Seir, there it will be opened.”


“The gods of Framassonry will have to do that which those two did.”

-         The Collection of the Words of the Lord


Chevrah Zerach Bokur Aur was a branch of the so called Asiatic Brethren whose membership included the very Elite of the Sect of the Zoharites, a branch of the Ma’aminim


“The original Order of the Golden Dawn, aka the Lodge of the Nascent Dawn, the Order of the Asiatic Brethren, the Knights of the Rising Dawn, the Brothers of St. John the Evangelist of Asia in Europe, that is, the lodge founded by Hirschfeld and the brothers von Ecker und Eckhoffen, advised by Franz Thomas von Schoenfeld, aka Junius Frey (ne Moshe Dobruschka, the son of Shlomo and Schoendl, she being Frank's cousin and their home at Brno being his residence from the time he left prison in Czestochowa until he, for very good reasons apparently, moved to Offenbach to live in the castle of Wolfgang Ernst II, Prince of Ysenburg) was both the source for many ideas and symbols in Frank's last period.”

    - Harris Lenowitz, Professor of Hebrew at the University of Utah quoted by Khepher from an old Donmeh list discussion. 

This Kabbalistic Sect was derived from the most Antinomian and Nihilistic Followers of the Unique and Living Soul of the Messiah which had previously manifested in Amirah. This Soul Root also put forth Branches among the Second One called Baruch Yah and later, that Yaqob that had resolved to move beyond all Laws, All Religions, to that Most Secret Knowledge (Da’ath) where there were no Restrictions to the Light.


“You have not come yet to Das, since Das is that hidden Das and the explication of the word Das means knowledge, that is, Know before whom you stand. And if you already were in this Das, you would no longer be subject to defect, to sickness, or to death, because no evil dwells there, and one must enter that Das in purity and clarity, not subjected to any teaching, laws, religions and bad ways; and it is necessary that one entering there possess one degree of virtue higher than other people, but I have not yet found that among you and therefore I have led you now into ordinary baptism and have come with you myself.”


“I said to you, Beware of the cross. For the way of the cross goes here and there, and splits into 4 directions, so it is possible to go astray.”

-         The Collection of the Words of the Lord


It had become necessary; in this Tiqqune… this Impending Redemption… to Discover those most Concealed Sparks of the One Light that had been taken Prisoner by those Husks, which are the Forces called The Sitra Achara… The Other Side.  These Sparks had been cast into Exile among the Children of the Nations… they are not the Erev Rav. The Erev Rav are the Priestcraft, Clergy, Ministers, and Rabbis of the Generation… they are like “Good Wine mixed with Bad”.


This Most Living and Unique Soul (Chiah and Yechidah) of the Messiah had to enter the Branches of the Tree of Abraham in order to discern these Sparks of Light dispersed among the Children of the Nations. These Sparks are the Lost Tribes of the Children of Israel. They are deeply hidden in a Place of Silence, beyond that Mighty River Sambyton, turning ever with those Forces of Silence, represented by the Moving Stones.


Wherein the First had offered the Redemption to His Own People… many turned away when He entered the Other Side… not recognizing the Battle with the Dragons of the Great Abyss and Pharoah, that Mighty Serpent whose Crest He removed.  


But many turned away at the sight of His Fair Mitre and He was Occulted away to Tiphareth… to the Palace of the Holy King. Thus the Torah of Grace (The Koran) was included within the Shemitah and behind it the Ma’aminim worked in Silence, for the Wrath of the Mixed Multitude waxed Great; though the Great Maggid had preordained this event.


Then, Baruch Yah was found a fitting Vessel for the Light.


Many were unable to see the Light and the Redemption was delayed again. But the Believers lived by the Law of Atziluth and they were rewarded before any, with a House of Worship within the Light.


However, many True Believers were haunted by the Erev Rav. They were persecuted, cursed, hated, and pursued. Their Names removed from the record books. It was desired to wipe their memory from the Face of the Earth.


Then Yaqob appeared in the Sign of the Rose and ascended the Mountain wherein he could reconcile all the Worlds.


“I had a vision in Salonika, as though the following words were said to somebody, Go lead Jacob the wise into the rooms and when you and he come to the first room, I admonish you that all the doors and gates be opened to him. When I entered the first room, a rose was given to me as a sign by which I could go on to the next and so on consequenter from one room to the next. And so I flew in the air accompanied by two maidens [the like of] whose beauty the world has never seen. In these rooms I saw for the most part women and young ladies. In some, however, there were assembled only groups of students and teachers, and wherever just the first word was spoken to me, I immediately grasped the whole matter from it and the full meaning. There was an innumerable number of these rooms and in the last one of them I saw the First who also sat as a teacher with his students, dressed in frenk clothing. This one immediately asked me, Are you Jacob the wise? I have heard that you are strong and brave-hearted. To this point have I come, but I have not the strength of proceeding from here further; if you want [to], strengthen yourself and may God help you, for very many ancestors took that burden upon themselves, went on this road, but fell. With that, he showed me through the window of this chamber an abyss which was like a black sea, hidden in extraordinary darkness, and on the other side of this abyss I saw a mountain whose height seemed to touch the clouds. At that I shouted, Be what may, I will go with God's help, and so I began to fly on a slant through the air into the depth until I reached its very bottom, where, having felt the ground, I stopped. Walking in the dark, I came upon the edge of the mountain and seeing that because of the steep smoothness of the mountain I had difficulty getting up on it, I was forced to clamber up with my hands and nails and using all my strength until I reached the top. As soon as I stopped there, an extraordinary scent reached me; and there were many True-Believers there. Seized by great joy, I did not [yet] want to go up onto the mountain with my whole body, saying to myself, I will rest awhile here, for sweat poured from my head like a river in flood on account of the tortures which I had borne to climb this mountain; but when I am well rested then I will come up on the mountain towards all the good which is found there. And that is what I did, I let my feet hang and sat with my body and hands at rest on the mountain. Then I went up on the mountain.” 

-         The Collection of the Words of the Lord


First the Lesser Edom wherein the Maiden slumbered and then the Other WorkEsau and Edom united with Yaqob… but first an Abyss of Height and Depth, and a Great Stone of Chaos and Thick Darkness, leading to that Secret Da’ath beyond All Laws and All Religions.


“All religions, all laws, all books which have existed till the present, and he who reads them, it is exactly as though he turned his face backward and looked at  words which have long since died. All this came forth from the side of death. But the wise man always has his eyes in his head, that is, one must always look at the one who walks before him and such a one looks neither to the right, nor to the left nor to the back, but only keeps his eyes on the one [in front of him] and walks directly behind him. Excluding the history of Jacob and Esau, since they do not belong to the books of Moses; they are passed on only by tradition from the ancestors.” 

    - The Collection of the Words of the Lord


As the Faithful waned so was Yaqob Occulted away with Baruch Yah, Amirah, and Yeshua Ben Meriam


Amirah was called Kapisci Bashi in the language of the Sultan. This is a term meaning Keeper of the Gate. This is in reference to The Gate of Heaven. This Gate is Guarded, it must be approached in Silence, and its Mysteries held inviolate to protect The Great Work 


This Burden of Silence has never been clearly explained in the English language. It is Highly Concealed, Secret in Secret. I disclose a piece (Bit = PTh = opening, pedunda = 480) but not All. The Ma’aminim are protected by Silence… They are the Hidden Ones. Uniting all Religions by Destroying the Husk. They are opposed by the Erev Rav and The Other Side… so it seems.


Had some heeded the Instruction scribed in Red, many would have been spared. 


The Misunderstanding of the Words of the Lord.


“And it shall come to pass that the one who escapes the sword shall be caught in the trap. Therefore, let them be ready to weep, to cry out for them. But let them be ready to cry out for your town and in your surroundings.  A nation is about to rebel [against] the nation of the sons of Edom with a battle cry as the king presses against the other king. Let them purify themselves and make themselves white and condemn the guilty. But none of the wicked will understand, only those of real understanding will know that anyone that has a spark of the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob must enter into the holy faith of Edom, and whoever will accept this creed with love will be saved from all of them and will merit all of the consolations promised in Isaiah and the Prophets.”    

-         The First Red Letter


“For all the emperors and kings, even the kingdom of Prussia, the dukes and kings of all the world will hate you exceedingly. When they see a Jew they will direct their spittle at him; and pleasure will turn into plague, and troubles will come, the likes of which have never before been seen in the world.”


“You think that what I am writing you now resembles the first letter which has not been fulfilled so far. This is not the case. For what was said in the first letter was the awakener. And this epistle shall be your guide for what shall take place in the future in all of the countries great and small: Poland, Lithuania, and all of Russia, Hungary, Walachia, Moldavia, Tartary and the entire Ottoman Empire, France and all of Germany, Bohemia, Moravia, and the lands of Prussia, and in all the places where Jews live. Woe, woe on this time! On account of what is intended against you, your wives and your children. Those who will be found in the houses will be slain in the houses and there will be no one to bury them on account of the multitude of corpses, and those in the fields shall die in the fields and the dogs will devour them. I cannot write too much of what is about to happen to the world; a hint for the wise. And if I were to write you in detail, there would not be enough paper.”


“I am informing you that there shall be no order in the world until the Law of Moses is fulfilled, until they have entered the holy creed of Edom. As we find that Jacob had promised to Esau, Let my Lord pass before his servant, and I will lead on slowly until I come to my Lord in Seir. And as it is written concerning Moses, And Moses dispatched messengers to Edom. Anyone who is of the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob must follow the holy creed of Edom. [The Lord comes from Sinai and shines forth to them in Seir] and he comes from his holy myriads. Through his holiness there shall shine the primeval light; it shall come as a sign at the end of time. You shall make strife.”


“And it surely be clay, And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so part of the kingdom shall be strong and part thereof broken. And I say to you that the weak shall smite the strong. Were they wise they would understand this; they would perceive their end.” 

-         The Second Red Letter


“There will come a time when all the Jews will be forced to become apostates; for the decree has come from the Lord himself, whatever the form.  And any that enter the shadow of faithfulness of the House of the G_d of Jacob, the G_d of Jacob will be his support so that he not lose the worlds. For in his shadow we will live in the midst of the nations, and you shall not be derisive, lest they tighten your reins.”

    - The Oral Message      


“And now our beloved, the entire House of Israel!”


“It is incumbent upon us to give you the final warning, to do and to fulfill what he has written in his holy epistle. For there is still hope for your ultimate end. Know that the time has come, the time to act on behalf of the Lord; abolish thy Torah. And this is what the sages of blessed memory meant when they said until the entire kingdom shall turn [to apostasy]; when all turned white, then he, the leper, was declared pure and his servants pure as well, as explained in the book Seror Hamor.”


“Like Abraham who went to Egypt and Isaac who went to Abimilech, and Jacob, the chosen of the patriarchs, who went from Beer-Sheba – he went forth from the state of faithfulness. And he went to Haran, the other domain. For necessarily in the places that are most sinful there you will find redemption, as it is explained in the Zohar.”


“As it is written in the Zohar, there is a son of man in the form of Adam, and a woman in the form of Eve. And they shall act cunningly and wisely for the sake of the Lord. It is incumbent upon us to follow his paths, for the paths of the Lord are straight and the righteous walk in them. This is also the meaning of Masa Duma. And the heart may not reveal it to the mouth. But it is written: Thus thou shalt lead the blind in the way that they do not know and in the paths which they do not understand I shall make them go. I shall make light in their darkness and their crooked ways into a straight path.” 


“Where will they find him? In Edom, as it is written, who shall come forth from Edom? Whoever shall follow him into the holy creed and cling to the House of Jacob will find protection in His shadow, we will live among the nations; and as it is further written, Let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the House of Jacob, and He will teach us of His ways, [and we shall walk in His paths. For out of Zion shall go forth Torah and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem]. For it is a lengthening of life for those who find them. They shall merit to be among those who cling to the Lord, as it is written, And there you shall seek the Lord your G_d, and there you shall find Him if you seek Him with all of your heart and all of your soul. From there necessarily, since through darkness light is known, as it is written: Even when I dwell in darkness, the Lord is my light. And soon you will merit the consolations He has promised us through His servants, the Prophets. Whoever enters the House of Jacob will certainly find the well of living waters.”

    - The New Letter


The Work of Silence of the Lord is termed Ma’asah Dumah.


Ma’asah (M’OshH = 415) may be defined as Work, Activity, Labour, or Burden. It is derived from the root OShH, as is the World of Action and Actualization, Assiah (OShIH). The gematria is quite telling as The Voice of the Chief Seer (ABRAH DBR = 415) has an equivalent meaning. This is also true of the word for Sister (AChVTh = 415), and the word for Holy One (H’QDVSh = 415). However, the term H’Qadosh may also mean a Sinner of a Sexual Nature, such as a Sodomite. This dual aspect will begin to make sense shortly, particularly as it relates to the Violation of Sexual Prohibitions. 415 is also the gematria of Zaur Anpin (ZAVIR ANPhIN). At the Level of the Torah of Creation (Torah D’Briah, beginning with the letter Beth; the Black letters of the Scroll, Black Fire written upon White Fire) any Sexual relationship between Brother and Sister is Prohibited. However, the Bride of Zaur Anpin is also His Sister.  For the Male (Duchir = DKR = 224) Influence to descend... Zaur (ZAIR = 224) must unite (IChVR = 224) with His Sister (Achoth = AChVTh = 415). At the Level of the Torah of Atziluth (The Concealed Meaning; The White Fire behind the Black; starting with the letter Aleph as a symbol and abbreviation for Atziluth… just as the Torah D’Briah begins with the letter Beth as a symbol and abbreviation for Briah) there are no prohibitions… only Positive Commandments. Only at this level may this Coupling take place.


“You must know and understand that every kingdom is maintained by some powerful thing. The proof of this is, all the Israelites had their power through maintaining the Temple, and as soon as the Temple was destroyed, they were immediately exiled; and so it is in Poland, the great power of their guard was in Częstochowa because of that great guardian who serves hidden in it, as it stands, The servant-girl has inherited the property of her mistress, and as soon as we came there, then the country was divided and the words of Balaam were fulfilled, Wehoio Edom iereischo. Edom will be passed on as an inheritance, which has not yet happened since Poland [became] Poland. If you had been whole, then it would have happened to it as it happened to the Temple; and now you have dropped the letter Alef and begun with the letter Bes. Even the newcomers from the faraway countries, even if they were whole I would nevertheless be unable to reveal [it] to them, because they were not together with me from the start.”

    - The Collection of the Words of the Lord


Therefore do the Partzufim function in the World of Emanation through their Intercourse with each other. Their Couplings forming Paths (DRK = 224) only when the Male’s (DRK = 415) desire is for the Female, and they turn Face to Face, then Countenance beholds Countenance (Anpin = ANPhIN = Face, Countenance = 191). But first the Female must desire the Male, for only when the two are coupled, is Zaur Anpin (ZAVIR ANPhIN = 415 = 191 + 224) able to send the Benevolent Influence into the Repository (QVPhH = 191); the Treasury of the Holy King.


“The four who went to Pardes, to secret places: they saw there a thing such as the understanding could not bear, and therefore they were not able to endure it. Even that one who left peacefully did not know what awaited him in the end.”

-         The Collection of the Words of the Lord


This Work is in Silence, Dumah (DVMIH = 65) for Terrifying Creatures (AVChIM = 65) may appear. However, If One is able to keep silent (HS = 65 = To keep silence), the Creatures flee for silence precedes the Light; there is a binding through Striking (MKH = 65 = Striking), through this, One may ascend to the Palace (HIKL = 65 = Palace) of the Lord (Adonai = ADNI = 65), and there at the Doorpost (MZVZH =65) is the entrance to the Palace of Light (L.V.X. = 65).


“When we shall be worthy to come to Esau, that is to Edom, then the world  will begin to mention the name of G_d and they will say that this is all a deed of G_d, but till now not only the name but even the by-name of G_d has not been mentioned, and the whole world has no knowledge of him at all; but as soon as G_d will be revealed to the world, the whole earth will come out from under [its] curse and will be changed into gold...” 

    - The Collection of the Words of the Lord


This Doorpost is in remembrance of the terrifying Creature that Passed Over the Firstborn of the Children of Light. Under the Wings of the Name of the Lord, Protection was found. This allowed the Children of Israel to be led from the Land of Bondage,  480 years before the Temple was built.


“Here it is not necessary to speak; but only the burden of silence. That is: to be silent and go from one degree to the next until one comes to be worthy to put on those robes of charm. Nimrod had that attire and was therefore a powerful hunter before God. But he missed one thing, and therefore it was taken from him. Jacob sought it, but did not take it from his father, but from his mother; he had to take the blessing from Isaac. He was afraid and feared after putting it on, saying: What if my father feels me &...? Those were not the true robes, for if they had been the true ones, then Jacob and Esau, having put them on, would have lived forever as we now hope to do. After putting on those robes, we will then take them off and put on others, just as that high priest—when he went to the holiest place—had to change clothes when he went in and when he came out. And that, that is what stands: Do not hope for the steps of the messiah until you see the rainbow of bright colors.”

-       The Collection of the Words of the Lord


“Esau and Jacob, shall be gathered together through the power I will give you, and United for ever in the Kingdome of my Father which is to come, in One Holy and Eternal Fellowship, so be you contented also to be the figures of the things that are to come by you, that it may be a perpetual testimony before the heavens, and before men, of your perfect and sound faith…”

    - True and Faithful Relation

This Labour or Burden of Silence (Ma’asah Dumah = MOShH DVMIH = 480) or Work of the Lord (Ma’asah Adonai = MOShH ADNI = 480), may also be termed the Work of the Light (Ma’asah Lux = MOShH L.V.X. = 480). Note the rainbow is the symbol of the visible spectrum of Light...


Adonai is the name of the Shekinah and her Betrothed is Zaur Anpin. Their union is itself this Labour of Silence (Adonai = ADNI = 65; Zaur Anpin = ZAVIR ANPhIN = 415; 65 + 415 = 480; Ma’asah Dumah = MOShH DVMIH = 480).


It required 480 years from the Exodus to the Building of the Temple. This time is symbolic… there is a Higher Temple far beyond the Veil (Vilon), and it is in that Secret Place beyond the Lower Edom (which is bound to the Cross, yet the Maiden is Hidden there), to that Higher Edom wherein Yaqob and Esau are reconciled. One must face Lilith (LILITh =480) and Labour in Silence (Ma’asah Dumah = MOShH DVMIH = 480) and roll away the Stone of Chaos (ABNI ThVHV = 480), before arriving at this most Secret Da’ath (Da’ath = Knowledge = DOVTh = 480). This is accomplished during the Ascent of Mt Seir (Seir = ShOIR = 580), which is called Abiegnus by some. Then will the influence of that highest bond of Faith cause the benevolence to descend from the Ancient (Atiq = AThIQ = 580); all the Sparks of Divinity will be gathered into One Body, and the Face of G_d repaired.    


“But that Pardes is a little thing against that to where we are going and therefore I cannot tell you, for you could not grasp it with human understanding. I led you far from that place, and you already began to make a mess; therefore, What if you would have been near? Just as I received that religion and observed none of its ceremonies: If it is a good thing why do I not keep it as they; if it is nothing, why should I enter it? And you do not know about that word I say, that holy Das in Edom.”

-         The Collection of the Words of the Lord






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