Emendations List revised

The Emendations


The Forehead with the Name 45. 


7 Emendations in the Head of Arik Enclothing the 7 Lower Sephiroth of Atik. 


I.                  Chesed - Gulgate Hivre (White Cranium)

II.               Geburah - Tale’ Dibedulha (Crystalline Dew)

III.           Tiphareth - Keruma’ De-Awira (Tegument of the Air)

IV.            Yesod - Raawa’ D’Raawin (Will of Wills; Forehead)

V.               Netzach/Hod above Yesod - ‘Amor Nokiy (Pure Wool)

VI.            Netzach/Hod below Yesod - Pekihu De’ayenin (Opening of the Eyes)

VII.        Malkuth - Hutma’ (The Nose)  


13 Niemen (Locks) of the Hair


 4 – on the Right Side of the Head

 4 – on the Left Side of the Head

 4 – on the Nape of the Neck

 1 – in the Center of the Head


13 Hivruti (White areas between the Hairs)


 4 – on the Right Side of the Head

 4 – on the Left Side of the Head

 4 – on the Nape of the Neck

 1 – in the Center which Encompasses them all.


13 Emendations of the Beard.



I.                   The narrow portion (i.e. the 2 sideburns and the place below the ears)

II.                The upper lip, crossing from one side of the mouth to the other.

III.            The break in the center of the lip, under the nostrils where no hair appears.

IV.             The lower lip, crossing from from one side of the mouth to the other.

V.                The break in the lower lip, likewise no hair.

VI.             The place where where the beard broadens, beneath the cheeks, close to the mouth.

VII.         The place of the cheeks themselves, which has the appearance of two apples.

VIII.      The upper surface – the long hair of the beard which reaches to the navel and is called “Mazela” (The Fountain of Bestowal). From the phrase,”He shall pour the water out of his buckets” (Numbers XXIV,7). Because the bounty of this emendation flows downward.

IX.             The small hairs which lie between the upper surface, i.e. the place of the 8th, and the subspace which is the 13th emendation.

X.                The hair which lies underneath at the throat.

XI.             The hair of the beard which ends equally, and does not extend beyond itself at all.

XII.         The mouth, void of hair, for no hair covers the mouth at all.

XIII.      The area underneath. These are the long hairs of the beard which, like the 8th emendation, reach to the navel; and they too are called “Mazela”, because they flow down below. These two founts are the principle ones in the beard and it is from them that bounty is bestowed to the Worlds.   


 The Names of the 13 Emendations of the Beard within their place in Arik.

-    Micah VII, 18-20



I.                        Who is a G_d like unto Thee,

II.                    That pardons iniquity,

III.                 And passes by the transgression

IV.                 Of the remnant of his heritage?

V.                     He retaineth not his anger for ever,

VI.                 Because he delighteth in mercy.

VII.              He will turn again, he will have compassion on us:

VIII.          He will subdue our iniquities;

IX.                 And Thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.

X.                     Thou wilt give the truth unto Jacob,

XI.                 And the mercy to Abraham,

XII.              Which Thou hast sworn unto our Fathers

XIII.          From the days of old.


The Names of the 13 Emendations of the Beard when they evolve downward into Zaur Anpin to be enclothed in his beard.

                   - Exodus XXXIV, 6-7



      I.                       The Lord (IHVH), The Lord G_d (IHVH El)

II.                    merciful

III.                and gracious,

IV. & V. long-suffering,

VI.                        and abundant in goodness

VII.                    and truth;

VIII.                 keeping mercy

IX.                        unto the thousandth generation,

X.                           forgiving iniquity

XI.                        and transgression

XII.                    and sin;

     XIII       and that will by no means clear the guilty (and clears).