PeraPeraPrv (P3) is a Pure Java written Twitter client that is supported on multiple platforms and can run on all types of hardware.
P3 can be run on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux operating systems.
Especially the Mac OS X version. It is available in a native Style Bundle Application Package.

Official site : P3:PeraPeraPrv (Japanese) 

  • TAB viewing: Different Tabs for Different Viewing
    • Standard View for showing update of the people you follow
      • You can get 20-200 tweets with setting in Setting > Preference
      • Color Coordinated so you can tell the difference between replies and tweets
    • Reply View that allows you to see only those who are @replying to you
    • Direct Message View that allows you to see your twitter inbox
    • Filtering View which allows you to find specific people and tweets by keywords
  • Automatic Receiving: The timeline refresh timer allows you to set how often it refreshes.  In Preference Panel
  • Advanced Reply receiver: @reply to your messages is shown in the Replies tab. Refreshing timer for this tab is independent from general timeline.
  • Direct Message handling: Direct messages are gathered in the InBox tab. 
  • Contextual Highlighting: Related tweets on timeline are highlighted in different colors for easier reading.
  • Easy replying: Easy Auto Post by hitting the ENTER/RETURN key. Replies and Direct Messages are automatically refreshed when posting.  P3 also supports in_reply_to_status_id!
  • Make multiple reply: Multiple @replies can be done by pressing the right arrow key when an item is selected
  • Customize yourself: You can customize the coloring of related tweets
  • Change-able font size: You can customize application fonts and tweet fonts
  • Unread tweets management: New tweets badge (i) allows you too see which tweets are the newest.  Can be set in the preference panel.
  • Quick Changeable Time line appearance: Quick Changing list style (show/hide pictures, see View Keyboard Shortcuts) for your privacy and business. You can hide your picture quickly when your manager comes around :-)
  • One sided following badge: If you want, P3 shows your one sided followings with broken heart badge.
  • Manage your Favorite: Add/Remove favorite and search your favorites from timeline cache.  Favorite tweets are indexed with star mark badge.
  • Filtering with keywords: Allows hiding of @id's and/or certain tweets containing keywords temporarily.
  • Group your timeline: You can search, hide, and filter each tab to find what you want, you can sort by keyword strings and complicated regular expressions.
  • TinyURL: On posting your tweets with a link, you can convert long URL to a short and sweet tiny-URL  using tinyurl.com from menu.
  • Exporting Timeline: You can save your timeline into a .CSV or text file.
  • Multi language: Multiple languages are supported.  You can add new language with editing XML in the .jar bundle
  • Clean architecture: P3 is based on simple and clean architecture. Tweets cache and settings are stored in .jar bundle and works well with Dropbox
  • Many other features...


Timeline view

Filter setting

Colorize setting


Standard view: Showing list icons

Compact view: Hiding list icons

Decarative view: Showing list icons fully

                             Splash screen (Mac OS X 64 bit only)

P3 for Mac OS X application is jar bundle application supports Dock and large icon.

Keyboard opertion

P3 fully supports key command operations making the program even easier to use

Modifier Key function


Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + Q :  Exit/Quit P3   
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + "." (period) : Select Next Tab
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + "," (comma) : Select Previous Tab
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + I : Edit New Post
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + L : Focus on List
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + O : Show Top of List
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + T : Refresh Timeline
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + R : Retrieve Replies
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + D : Retrieve Direct Messages
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + G : Search for Related Messages
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + "/" (slash) : List of friends in cache appears after entering "@".
                            or List of hashtags in cache appears after entering "#". 


Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + 1 : Show List Icons: Standard Message View
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + 2 : Show List Icons: Simple Message View
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + 3 : Show List Icons: Hide Message View
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + 4 : Hide List Icons: Standard Message View
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + 5 : Hide List Icons: Simple Message View
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + 6 : Hide List Icons: Hide Message View
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + 7 : Large List Icons: Standard Message View
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + 8 : Large List Icons: Simple Message View
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + 9 : Large List Icons: Hide Message View
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + J : Expand Line Height
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + U : Shrink Line Height
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + "-" (minus) : Switch Name Length
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + Y : Switch Input Field Size


Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + S : Open Preference window
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + E : Open Filter setting window
Ctrl (Mac ⌘) + N : Open Content Blocking setting window

Single key commands

When you select a message on the Timeline or other menu, use these single key commands to do the following:

[0] Go to top of list
[A] Open @Reply's Twitter page
[B] Open URL in tweet
[C] Open tweet in browser
[D] Send direct message
[1-5] Add user to corresponding filter
[F] Add selected tweet to favorites
[G] Search for selected user's tweets
[H] Open user's Twitter page
[N] Search for @Reply's tweets
[R] Search for tweet responded to
[W] Open user's website

*These commands can also be done by right clicking on a selected item


Please select the correct version of P3 for your system by clicking on the links below:

Windows XP, Vista, and Higher

EXE version (Recommended: Easy Way to Install on Windows 32BIT ONLY)
Jar Version (Not Recommended for New Users. For Java supporting OS)

Mac OSX (10.4.11 and Higher)

Mac OS X for Leopard, Snow Leopard with JavaSE6 ※Update! Java for Mac OS X v10.5 Update 4 Support.
Linux Operating Systems

Jar Version (For Java supporting OS)
NOTICE! : Before launching PeraPeraPrv.jar, Move P3_Settings to your home directory. 

Recommended setting for power tweeter

Following setting will make you post infinite number of tweets from Peraperaprv:P3.
  1. Muximum number of message to retrieve at once: 200 (tweets)
  2. Timeline refres rate: 40 (seconds)
  3. Direct message retrieval rate: 20 (seconds *must restart)
  4. Reply retrieval rate: 20 (seconds)
  5. Disable immediate timeline update after posting: false

Terms and Conditions

Developer lynmock releases P3:PeraPeraPrv as "AS IS" without warranty of ANY kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

Please do not disassemble, reverse compile or reverse engineering. You'll see ... terrible structure :-).

Anyway, enjoy Twitter with P3!


Though P3 is FREE software, developing great software is a hard job and appreciation for his software is always appreciated.  Developer lynmock does not hesitate when accepting donations.   Send an Amazon gift ticket to lynmock [at] ybb.ne.jp.

Please look on his wish-list at Amazon-JP for gifts of appreciation.  Thank You. :-) lynmock wish-list

Copyrights for P3

Illustration by 大槍葦人

Character Design by fk696

Artwork by t_trace

©2008 lynmock

Team P3

Special thanks for PeraPeraPrv supporters.

Chinese translation: miki7500
English translation check at P3 v3.4 : Vokyous
English translation check for P3 v4.3 : de_an777