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Throwing a party? Hire a party band - Toronto and Surrounding... 
So, who is this great party - dance - event band?

The Peppers Shakers are:

F. "Hank" Fox
Steve "Shakin'" Wilcox
"GT" George Taylor

...all seasoned veterans of the Toronto live music scene 
(see individual bios and band history below), combining 
decades of experience and musical influences into one 
hot, spicy gumbo of party rock'n'roll + + +  

you get versatility and energy.

Your party dance band for hire, Toronto & area is 
the Pepper Shakers - featuring guitar, bass and 
drums with harmonized vocals throughout; the 
band draws influences from, but not limited to - 
the classic party hits we all grew up with and love 
including all the classic rock party favourites,
70s, 80s and even some of the the choicest 90s, 00s 
and 10s... Of course, you never know where you're
going until you understand where you've been -
this band has a deep understanding and love of
the early days of rock'n'roll - 50s-60s, rockabilly 
classic country, blues (Chicago, jump, swing, 
slide guitar), Motown - soul - R & B, instrumentals, 
surf, and classic rock (60s-70s), plus a generous
smattering of hits from the 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s
to make the dance floor come alive. 

We strike a pulsating reggae 
groove as well.  Uh huh, Latin
grooves too - cha cha cha...

We know and love all the classic rock - the 
Rolling Stones and the Beatles, along with
the boy genius of rock'n'roll, Buddy Holly, 
which we couple with everyone from:

 Dwight Yoakam to the Black Eyed Peas
to Lynnrd Skynnrd, to the Eagles, to John
Cougar, to Cheap Trick, to April Wine, to Johnny
Cash, to Van Morrison, to Bob Marley, to Brooks
& Dunn, to Otis Redding, to Motown, to Kid Rock, 
to Coldplay, to the Proclaimers, to Led Zeppelin,
to Neil Diamond, to the Romantics and on and on...

Plus, we have the uncanny ability to shift gears 
at just the right moments with a generous selection 
of ballads/slow dance music.  The kind of
versatility that impresses and even
mystifies our clients.  All this in a tight,
compact 3-piece format that you would
swear is a bigger band.

The Pepper Shakers' members individual 
experience in live musical performance morphed 
into a whole greater than the sum of its parts. As
we head into our fourth year, our reputation
grows, our songlist grows, our client list
grows.  We continue to amaze our audiences
(and ourselves sometimes) with our ability
to "read the room", as they say. Whether it's
a corporate event, a backyard party, a huge outdoor 
stage, an intimate gathering, a wedding, a banquet,
a dance, the Toronto Party Band delivers what
the customer wants.  ...and that includes
volume level; we are happy to perform at
any level the customer wants, even
whisper soft if need be, or full-blown
rock-the-dancefloor as required.

If you are looking to hire a band with the energy and 
versatility needed to keep the dance floor hopping, the
Pepper Shakers deliver that variety.  We play the hits; 
the Pepper Shakers are an "oldies" band on overdrive, 
a band with the variety of music to match our energy 
on stage. When you hire a Toronto party band like the 
Pepper Shakers, you hire a band that stands on its
reputation for quality, reliability and liveliness.

contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers

A huge repertoire (600+ songs!), a professional 
attitude, and the ability to play rooms/venues 
both small and large, at any volume desired
is what sets the Pepper Shakers apart, as a classic 
hits party dance band for hire... when you hire a 
band like the Pepper Shakers, you get versatility
Quality live music, at an affordable price.  We come
complete, with all the equipment, recorded music
for breaks, lights... everything needed to provide
the musical soundtrack for your special function.

Our long, varied list of satisfied clients
and appearances include: 

corporate functions 
dinner dances
outdoor events

... celebrations and parties of all types, from 
gatherings as small as 20 guests to as large
as 1,000+.  Bars, banquet halls, clubs, 
backyards... you name it.

We invite you to consider a theme for your event
and let the Pepper Shakers deliver the sounds 
to go with it, whether it is an evening, 
(or combination) of:

...or, just a great variety of all of the above, lively live music to satisfy all your guests.  

Take a look at our huge song list. Then hire the party band, Toronto - let the Pepper Shakers play for you.

contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers

How On Earth Did It Happen?

How does a rockin' party band explode on the scene?  

A brief History of the Toronto Party Dance Event Band for hire, the Pepper Shakers...

It's funny how randomly we human bein's cross 
paths, and the three original Pepper Shakers,  
Hank, Wayne and Steve, did just that 
in the mid-to-late 2000's:  

2008 - 25-plus years into a career punctuated with musical success
stories, both as a leader and sideman, Hank returns to the 
 GTA after a decade in the deep southwest of Ontario
(Windsor, to be precise).

No firm musical commitments, he's doing side work, attending 
jams and auditions; along the way he comes across Wayne. Numbers 
are exchanged, a trial balloon jam takes place.... potential is noted, 
but nothing is acted on.  Periodic phone/email contact continues.

Somewhere around the same time (maybe early '09), Hank 
encounters Steve at a jam with some mutual acquaintances. 
Hank makes note of the considerable (nay awesome) drum 
chops, numbers are exchanged, but... nothing is acted on.

Hank continues meandering through to 2010 and early 2011 until that spring 
when he stumbles in with a rockin' country downeast band, quite by
accident becoming their lead guitarist and de facto musical director
by summer. As these things sometimes (okay often) go, there
are personnel changes in this act, on both bass and drums.  Hank
recommends that consideration be given to a particular bassist
candidate, one Wayne McKenzie, who has been in contact and trolling for a gig. 

Tipped off to the opportunity by Hank, Wayne does his homework 
and is a shoe-in for the job.  Drummers come and drummers go;
but as serendipity would have it, Steve is contacted as a potential
fill-in drummer with said down east / country band and sits 
in on several dates. Hank is once again blown away by both 
the chops and personality. He also notices that of all the
swapping out of players, this  particular guitar-bass-
drums combo  - Hank, Wayne, Steve - seems
 particularly potent.  2011 rolls into 2012. 

Mid-2012 - Hank once again gets the itch to once again front a band.
A couple of casual conversations with Wayne and Steve, an 
informal summer jam... and the spark is lit.  By fall 2012, it is 
agreed: the Pepper Shakers must exist in this universe; they
were meant to be. 

But - is there a market?  Yes, it turns out there is... we
close out 2012 with 5 dates - all spectacular successes. 2013 rolls 
in and the Pepper Shakers roll on, logging over seventy-five
paid appearances. We quickly confirm how adaptable,
versatile, dependable and professional we are as we settle into
our role as the Toronto Party Dance Event Band for hire, roaring through 100+ engagements a year in 2014, '15, '16, '17 and '18.

...as we rip through our best year ever in 2019...

From a humble start in a suburban garage,
like so many great bands (hahahahahaha)...

...that's how we became the Pepper Shakers.




Veteran of the Ontario music scene for over thirty years (first money gig at age 16), including a ten-year stint in Windsor, where he fronted the roots rock-n-roll trio the JumpKatz, Hank returned to the GTA in 2009. After knockin' around as a sideman for awhile, including a stint as lead guitarist for Joe Tucker and Second Wind, Hank again got the urge to front a band.  It didn't hurt that he fell in with the two superb musicians and gentlemen below.  That stroke of good fortune got the wheels rolling fast... and what a great ride it's been so far!


  "GT" George Taylor 

GT brings a new level of musicality and professionalism to the Pepper Shakers sound. His years of experience, both performing and teaching take our bottom end to the next level. Top notch in all respects, from attitude to gear to chops, plus a constant smile on his face.  In his spare time, George enjoys yoga and long walks on the beach.

 Steve "Kaboom'" Wilcox

Drummer extraordinaire, the man with the rock solid beat, plus fills and accents from around the universe. Steve, over the last few decades has played way too many one-nighters and honky tonks (not to mention weddings and bar mitzvahs) than it's possible to list or even remember. He may well be the GTA's best kept drumming secret. Not enough space here to list all the bands he's been affiliated with, but now anchoring the beat with the Pepper Shakers. Top it all off with the fact that Steve also a very nice guy.

So, there  you have it: a compact, versatile, lively 
Toronto Party Dance Event Band for hire.  Fill your
dance floor, or set the background mood just right,
with the live music experience and versatility to 
make your special event a memorable one...  
quality live music for all ages. The Pepper Shakers - 

Now then; what is the Pepper Shakers secret? What makes
us sound like we do? It's in our secret sauce...

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