Hey, event planner:   Looking for 
an affordable alternative to boring recorded music or DJ?  Look no further.  Spice up your
event! Pour some Pepper Shakers on it! 

Affordable pro-level live music for any size function.  Soft background to high energy
get-'em moving volume.


Favourites from all periods of rock & roll forward, plus-plus-plus.  
When you need a change of pace from the usual thump-thump-thump of today's Top-40, or the swish-swish-swish of MOR/jazz.

Your client demands musical quality?  No worries - we are road tested, the premier 3-piece party -  dance - event band in the Toronto area. Over 700 paid appearance since 2013.

Concerned about space restrictions?  Worry not...
We have the tightest set up possible for a live band (complete w/drums) ...your guests will be astounded at the full sound.

contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers
Call us at  (416) 571-7663 

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No need for a 4, 5, 6-piece band, requiring a big stage
and set up space... (see our stage plot below) - the classic
guitar-bass-drums-vocals line-up, perfect, uncomplicated.
High energy party tunes to soft background instrumentals
and crooning.  The Pepper Shakers can and have handled it all.

We also provide full PA system and lights as required!


We are happy to work with any stage/sound arrangement.

Our songlist is 600+; we can handle a range of popular themes.

Experience: 600+ paid engagements since 2013.

Smallest crowd - 18 (small party room).

Largest crowd - 1000+ (outdoor gala).

Daytime/weekday functions? No problem.

An average 8 - 12 appearances a month keep us sharp and frisky.

Oh, and don't just take our word for it - let our clients tell it.


How simple can it get?  This simple.  The easiest live music stage plot ever.  As little as 8 ft x 6 ft.... The Pepper Shakers:


It's important to note that the Pepper Shakers are NOT
some thrown-together hack job, or a platoon system /
collective of rotating band member affiliates.

When you book the Pepper Shakers, you get Hank, 
George and Steve. Why leave things to chance 
you can count on the Pepper Shakers.

In addition to our track record, the reputation we've
earned and our over-all professionalism, there's 
something more about the Pepper Shakers... it's

contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers