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  • Here's the latest news from your Toronto Party Dance Event Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers
  • Fantastic two-fer of live music this weekend, Sat & Sun It's all about the west side! Saturday, we return to the awesome clubroom of  RCL Branch 82 Port Credit - 35 Front St N 8 PM start, no cover!  Sunday ...
    Posted Nov 6, 2019, 2:45 PM by Hank Fox
  • Join us Friday in the east end - RCL Branch 22 Thrilled to be returning to the clubroom of  RCL Branch 22 Toronto - Mortimer and Woodbine Friday November 1 - 7:30 pm start...  See you there? You're invited!contact the ...
    Posted Oct 28, 2019, 7:56 AM by Hank Fox
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They call it "the Pepper Shakers experience"...

Hundreds of fantastic Pepper Shakers appearances have ended just like this:

contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers

The energy, the variety, the non-stop song-to-song-to-song 
delivery...  The compact, tight, bundle of musical  !whiz-bang! ,
the huge repertoire, coupled with the ability to "read the room";
to mix up fast, slow and in-between, in many styles; the respect
for dynamics and volume requirements...  The way we try to 
put on a show  for our valued paying clients and their guests....

...and now, enough of our talk... 

...here's what current and past 
clients and fans have to say 
about the Pepper Shakers, the 
Toronto Party Band for hire
(scroll down for client list)...  

Consider the Pepper Shakers when you 
                    and then - 

contact us and get the party started:



contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers

Book early! Or this may happen:

"im so excited I found u again!! So we had you play our dads 
60th party outdoors on the property and not sure if you'll 
remember he offered to pay you guys extra to play longer
because they loved it and everyone was having a blast!! 
Long story short we want to come play for moms surprise 
60th approx 100 people in Whitby! Hoping for _______???"

...after learning we were already booked:

"Oh no!! That's not what I wanted to hear! 
If anything changes just let me know :((  " 

contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers

  • Michelle Blackwood
    Michelle Blackwood First time in 6+ years I have sat down while you guys rock this song! But I was able to catch all these party animals busting a move 😊
    Best band ever!!!!!!!
  • Jennifer Ruth Young
    Jennifer Ruth Young Such a fabulous fun night out, as always with Hank and the Pepper Shakers! Great music, great dancing, great people!
  • Sue Godwin
    Sue Godwin Great time with the guys!, Lots of dancing!,

 "...thanks for the great music last night. 
  My friends all had a total blast..."  

BB - Etobicoke


 "On behalf of myself and the Mount Pleasant Village BIA, 
 thank you and the Pepper Shakers for your great performances 
 on Saturday. It was an amazing day with a wonderful turnout  
  and lots of great feedback.  

  Thank you for being part of the experience!  

  Look forward to working with you again in the future."  

DK - Toronto


Fan video - I Want to Break Free


  "Thank you! It was   
 definitely our pleasure. 
  Received nothing but  
    fantastic comments   
 about you and your band. 
    See ya NYE!"    

JL - Innisfil

  "These guys are awesome...  
 I love them... had some amazing  
  nights dancing to their tunes -   
  if you need to hire entertainment  
   they are the ONES" ❤️ 🎸   


   "Come back again.... tomorrow!!"   

exuberant resident - Thornhill


  Summer 2019 event at 
 Glasgow Rangers Supporters 
 Club, Scarborough:  

  • Pat Downs
    Pat Downs Had a great afternoon loved the band. 

  • Dolina Hamilton
    Dolina Hamilton Great club; fabulous day; awesome band; delicious BBQ and especially being there with the best of friends. Thank you committee, well done 👍

  • Mary Mailer
    Mary Mailer Fabulous day everything was wonderful. Thank you to the committee 👍👍

  • Nancy Knott Downs
    Nancy Knott Downs Great afternoon, thanks to all the organizers. Lots of fun!!

  • Douglas Mcmahon
    Douglas Mcmahon Thanks too everyone that made it out on Saturday was a great day ! Band was great and committee did a great job !


 "Thank you very much! You were all amazing  
 and made this party great!! ...we would love to 
  have you again!!! Take care for now and all  
  the best to all of you."  

E & T - Guelph

"Thank you so much. It was an awesome night 
 and you guys were fantastic. I’m still receiving 
 compliments about the band and music. 
 I will definitely keep you in mind for other celebrations 
 or others looking for entertainment. Thank you so much." 

D & E - Tottenham

  "Thank you Pepper Shakers - you guys rock...  
   4 years in a row at our POI Summer Bash with  
   a new theme each time and somehow you always  
   make it work; many thanks to you Hank, Steve and  
   George -- have a great summer."   

                                                                                     Gary Browning, POI Business Interiors, Markham

  "Thanks Hank! You guys rocked it!  
  We will definitely love to have you 
   back next summer.  Once the date  
   is confirmed I will be in touch - ;)   
  Have a great rest of the summer..."  

JS - Toronto

"It was such an amazing night last night.  

Everyone here is still talking about it and 

want to know when you're coming back. Lol

I am trying to put together another night of 

music and maybe all food trucks…

...so I will keep you posted!!"

                                                                                                               CR - Oshawa

  "I appreciate you guys  
  being so cool and easy  
   to work with - not to    
 mention great entertainers 
  at a reasonable price."  

DB - Toronto

 "You're the best thing that's  
   ever happened at Oscars!"  

exuberant patron - Brampton

  "You should have them in every week!"  

comment to bartender, passed to us - Aurora

 "Look at the crowd - 
 look at the dance floor... 
You should have these 
 guys in twice a month!" 

fan comment to manager - Scarborough

   "Thanks so much for Friday... you guys were great and  
  everyone was happy.  We will definitely have you back.  
      I was even wondering if you play outside -     
      would be amazing to have you guys play       
    out on patio for a barbeque. We will have you 
          back before summer for sure."         

LF - Acton

 Everyone had a great night, 

 thanks so much! I would like to 

 book you again for our next 

 New Year’s Eve party – 2019.  

 Are you available?????? 

 I figured you would be booked, 

 you’re just getting too famous. 

 Our loss - as everyone is already asking 

 for you for next year. Do you have 

 any openings for 2019 from Sept 

 to May?  If so, please send me your 

   open dates!   

MR - Waterdown

 "I've been coming here 
 about 15 years... you guys 
   are one of the very    
 best I've ever seen..."   

OL - Oshawa

"You guys were a hit and 

everyone really enjoyed the 

show. We will certainly keep 

you in mind in the future..."

TC - Toronto

  "Thanks so much Hank; 
  we really enjoyed your music.  
  I’ve been hearing rave reviews 
  from staff and residents!  
   Are we able to book you guys 
  again for sometime in...   

CC - Uxbridge

 "Thanks again Hank... 
...another awesome night. 
  I had a lot of compliments  
    on "the band"."    

                                                                                                                 AL - Hamilton

 "You guys were great to work with 
 and even better on stage live.  
    Well done.    
 We will certainly have you back again".  

Richmond Hill Ribfest - 2018

"Hank you and the guys were 
 outstanding again at our POI 
 Summer Bash many thanks 
 for a fine performance 
 and look forward to having 
 the PEPPER SHAKERS again." 

                                           Gary Browning, POI Business Interiors, Markham

"You guys were fantastic. Thank you. 
We will definitely keep you 
on our list to return!!"

DA - Loretto

 "Thanks Hank for entertaining us at camp!  

 All feedback was extremely positive - we 

 all had a blast!  I will definitely be in touch 

 regarding next year.  Thanks for the info 

 on what themes you have available! 

...See you soon I’m sure!" 

JS - Toronto

"Everyone had a great time and loved listening 
and dancing to your great music. I will be sure 
to contact you for future events. 
Have a wonderful week!!!" 

KB - Mississauga

  "Everyone loved your band and the music.  
  We will definitely have you guys again!  
  Thanks for a great night!"  

WK - Acton

Spring Fling couples night was a huge success Friday 

to kick off the 9 & Dine events for 2018! 82 people had 

a blast dancing the night away after amazing food and 

"...you guys did a great job.  I will
keep you in mind for future events..."

                                                                                                                    RT - Milton

"Thank you so much for a    
most wonderful New Year's 
Eve!! You sung your hearts  
out, and the music was         
fantastic, and we couldn't   
stop dancing.                           
All the best for 2018!!"           

SH & EH - Toronto

Congrats! You got a 5-star review!
"The Pepper Shakers are a fantastic band. I have a number of friends who follow them, and more are..."
Reviewed by

  "You guys are amazing!!!!  
  Honestly everyone was  
  sooo impressed.  
  Your cards were gone  
  in minutes lol...  
  You saved my a** boys!!!!!"  

RW, Whitby

 "...honestly, you guys made that party! 
 We had an amazing time..as always! 
 Thank you for coming to play for us, and making us move! 
 That deck was sure bouncing last night wasn't it?! 
   You made us do that lol...   
  My legs, and throat, are gone today lol..."  

MB, Scarborough


   "Hi Hank,   
We all really  enjoyed the band... 
...including the little ones... 
Thank u for helping make our party special.
We will try to get to some of your 
upcoming events.... with our dance 
  shoes on!!  Seee u soooon!"  

C & W, Toronto



"I knew it was going to be a great 
 night, when I walked into the 
 room...  and I heard the music." 

JG, Toronto

"Hank you guys gave a gr8 night with ur gr8 music...
...thanks so much...will look into next booking...

 Thanks again..." 

GM, Innisfil

 "...the music lingers on.  Yesterday, during the... 
  Closing Ceremonies, your bands were the   
   "talk of the community".  Nine straight days   
     of excellent music, by live bands.     
  They had fun, you had fun.....it was a win/win.  
  I want to thank you for making these games the "best ever"..."   

TC, Stouffville

 "Awesome night guys. 
 You were definitely a hit with the crowd. 
 Your name is out there now.
 Thanks again." 

SD, Brampton


new owner of Michelle's Place following our 1st appearance for her

"Thank you so much for everything. I really appreciate and 

everyone is commenting how great the band wasJ

 I will be in touch for our event next spring."

SS, Milton

"Hank, congrats on a 
 fabulous night. 
 Can we book you 
 for another gig?" 

TB, Orangeville

  "Happy New Year Hank!  

 You and your band were great last night.  

  Everybody enjoyed your music and had a good time.  

  We would like to inquire about booking   

 with you for New Year’s Eve 2018..." 

MR, Waterdown

4th Anniversary/400th gig celebration - Etobicoke

"...I'm just curious... the band that  
 you guys had in your backyard... 
 obviously they were awesome,    
awesome players and singers, and  
  we all loved them... I'm just   
   wondering - some people  
are interested - we all have parties, 
  and these guys were just   

forwarded phone message from a client following their party - Scarborough


 "We had the best time ever at our   
 summer bash; the music was great; 
 we at POI would like to thank you 
  for doing and going beyond  
  expectations... we would have the  
  Pepper Shakers back any time."  

                                                                                 Gary Browning, POI Business Interiors, Markham

"Honestly, you guys are awesome! 

I thoroughly enjoy every minute, 

every single time! Thanks again for 

last night..see you again real soon!"

MB, Scarborough

Congrats! You got a 5-star review!
"BEST BAND OUT THERE!!! They're guaranteed to keep you on the floor with their huge variety of songs!..."
Reviewed by

"Last night... the Pepper Shakers 


I swear that band gets better 

every time I hear them play. 

Believe me this band is well worth seeing." 

RC, Toronto

   "The band was great   
and perfect for the crowd   
we had.  It was good to   
  have you there and be   
 part of the celebration..."   

RT, Toronto


 Recognized by a Repeat Customer! 
                                                      The Pepper Shakers are presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from our
                                                 wonderful clients, RCL Branch 614 - May 2016, after dozens of fantastic appearances
                                                      over 3+ years. Thanks to President and Vice-President Wayne and June Hayes.

                                    photo courtesy Laure C.



 "Hank, I wanted to thank you for the
 wonderful job you did at Time Out...
       ...I have a booking for you guys...
 ...get back to me ASAP; I need to get
                         these nights booked.    

           Cheers, E, 
Your New Fan :)"

EN, Georgetown

 "Last Saturday was a blast... 
Everyone is raving about it... 
    you guys were awesome..." 

JV, Toronto

 "I have been introducing more and more  
   friends to your band. The comment is     
 always:  How do they sound so full when  
     it's a three-piece band? They do not      
       sound like just three instruments!!!"   

                                                                                                "Your Groupies", Toronto

"Thank you so much for everything. You guys were fabulous...

We are getting so many compliments about the event and the band. 

Throughout the halls of the Centre, they kept commenting today how 

 great you are and how impressed they were of you joining the conga line...

Thank you again. I will be in touch regarding our next event."

SS, Milton

"Enjoyed dancing to your great 

 music last night in Scarborough 

and last Saturday in Pickering..

Don't want to miss any upcoming 

events that are planned

 for the Toronto area and east 

to Oshawa, so please put me 

on your mailing list. 

Thanks for a wonderful time!"

EW, Scarborough

"Do you have an email list of 

upcoming performances?

My friends and I love you and 

enjoy you every time. We would

love to follow you and know where 

you are playing. Thanks,"

BB, Toronto

our upcoming performances here, here and here

  "The band   

 was great, the 

   night flew   

 past, we were 

having such a 

good time. It was 

midnight before 

you knew it."

PD (NewYears Eve) - Scarborough

"We had lots of positive feedback;
you were fabulous and we hope to 
have you back in the near future.

Thanks again."

DH, Scarborough

"Thanks...The residents and families 
raved about the band.
Merry Christmas and a Healthy 

and Prosperous 2016".

SW, Newmarket

"I've been coming here for years...  
...you guys are the best thing that's 
      ever happened in this hall..."        
OG, Innisfil

"Thanks once again for the great night of
 fun and the best selection of music. This 
is the second time in less than a year having
the Pepper Shakers play for our parties. 
You really are a great bunch of guys and thanks for coming back on for an encore!"

DK, Cambridge

the pepper shakers are the toronto party band for hire

contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers

"Wow...what a great time we had at the 
RCL Branch 3 on 8th Street tonight with 
the Pepper Shakers. 
They are amazing the toronto party band for hire the pepper shakers
and will be back next 
Sunday from 5 till 9. 
Don't miss it. Dinner 
starts at 5 and the 
Pepper Shakers start 
at 5. 

See you there."

MW, Etobicoke

          "Thanks so much!!        
         Next year again!??"       

 (on the payment envelope!)  SL, Cambridge

  "Thank you so much for your amazing talent!! 
 The band was wonderful, the residents really 
  enjoyed it! we will definitely contact you for our next event."  

ES, Toronto

"On Behalf of the Sharon Car Committee I would like to 
thank you for the amazing show August 20 at our car show. 
The music was great and we have had many, 
many compliments on your behalf!!!!"

SC, Sharon

"Hi Hank... I couldn't walk down the hall
this morning without everyone stopping
me. They all loved you guys. So glad I  
found you. I'll throw out some dates for
you to come back..."

AC, Oakville

"Thank you so much to you and the band!  
We loved having the Pepper Shakers at our 
wedding! We had so many compliments 
about our band choice for the wedding, 
everyone loved the music!  Thanks again!

A & C, Troy

"Thanks for the shows you did for us in 2014.
Everyone had a great time.  Please forward 
            availability for shows in 2015."            

                                                                                                                                                           N&C A, Toronto

 "Last night at Michelle's was awesome. 
 The Pepper Shakers were FABULOUS.  
  They always add new songs. I totally   
 recommend this band - that is how much  
 I like them. They are the best band in the  
   Greater Toronto Area ."   

                                                                                                              SQ, Toronto

                                                                                                                                                                                                            SS, Grand Valley

"Congratulations.  We had an 
awesome awesome night.
You guys should be proud of 
what you accomplished. Thanks 
for a great time.  Consider yourself 
booked next year, same time same place..."

J & M, Queensville

contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers

" ....great time at Michelle's last night. 
The Pepper Shakers are a really good band. 
Totally recommend them. I had a good 
time dancing and singing along with them 
when I was dancing. I danced so much that 
my feet hurt. HAHAHAHA... it was a lot of fun."

SQ, Toronto

"We were just talking about how much
everyone enjoyed you guys last night and
as soon as we have the date for next year,
you are booked. Thank you again."

                                                                                                                                MH, Cambridge

"Thanks for a GREAT 
Canada Day, 
...the feedback has been great!"

KSM, Toronto

"We had a last minute cancellation from a band 
we had arranged for my mum's birthday party, and
when I contacted Hank a few days before the event,
he was excellent and very accommodating to my last
minute request! The guys were professional, fun and
played all of the classics that our guests loved hearing
and dancing to! Hank has an amazing voice & the
band knows a HUGE repertoire! The band set a great
atmosphere for our event, played all of my pre-requested
songs/artists, and also ensured the guest-of-honour felt
extremely special and celebrated for her special birthday.
We had LOTS of compliments on the band and hope to
be able to use them again in the future for other events.
Thanks again, guys!"

MM, Burlington

"Known the lead guitar player of this outfit 
for closing in on 25 years!  
The band is great for a good time Saturday 
night, evidenced by a real  happy crowd at 
Michelle's that stayed with them right from 
the moment they stepped on the stage to when 
they said they had to go.  Do yourself  a favour and 
get out to see the Pepper Shakers"   

JB, Toronto

"THANK YOU guys for your amazing show...     
the song choices were all hits!                           
Everyone can't stop talking about the band ;)    
...and when can we get them back to do            
another show, and what a great job I did finding
you guys! lol"                                                                    

KM, Pickering

wedding band for hire toront

D and M - wedding, Toronto

contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers

"Hank, Thank YOU!!! We hit the JACKPOT 
with the Pepper Shakers Band! You, Steve 
and Wayne are wonderful, blessed souls. 
It was an absolute delight to have you play 
for us.   I will definitely stay in touch and 
book the Pepper Shakers for our next event!"

CG, Barrie

"Thanks to you all for such a great job. 
Everyone had a really good time especially 
Johnny and myself. I only wished I had 
more time to sit back and enjoy more. 
I’m already trying to find an excuse to 
have another party...too bad the summer 
is so short. Thanks again; we had a blast...
and great job on the selection of music - 
I loved it all!! ...even "Yesterday"....lol"

LV, Misissauga

"Thank you once again for coming to save the day
with the spare amp... really appreciate your
generosity and willingness to help in a tight
situation... if any of my brides are looking for a 
live band, I will definitely recommend you guys,
your band is awesome!"

Nancy - Wedding Masters, Toronto

"Hank, you have a very good tight band. 
Thanks so much for making the party a success..."

DK, Cambridge

 "...the WOW is on our part!!  
You guys were just amazing! 
(as always)!! Thank you so much 
for coming, you truly made the 
 night!! You're the best, there's 
no doubt about that. Thank you 
for everything! Good food, good 
friends and epic entertainment! 
The night couldn't have gone any better. 
 Not sure my dancing feet can handle it again..."  

                                                                                                        MB, Scarborough

"Thank you! You guys were amazing! 

It's just too bad that everyone didn't 

get to hear you the whole time.

We will definitely be recommending you!"

S & J wedding, Terra Cotta

"....you guys sound more full than 
 a lot of 4-5 piece bands...."

LD, Etobicoke

contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers

"Loved your show... You guys kick some serious 
butt... Will definitely come again..."

N & J, Aurora

"...we all had a great time... I was talking to many 
people throughout the night and each one raved 
about how good your group is. A very good mix of 
music and great sound...we look forward to your return."

BD, Oshawa

"recommend a great live band for hire Toronto 

and surrounding if DJs aren’t your thing


saw them at a wedding recently; great change of pace 

from a too-loud DJ who played all the recent stuff"

"Thanks again,  Wayne, Hank, & Steve... 
hoped the band enjoyed playing at Flying 
Monkey Brewery.. we sure enjoyed the 
Pepper Shakers... we will be sure to spread 
the good word..."  

SI, Barrie

"Thank you for a great show at Embers

on the Lakeshore on Sunday. We had a

wonderful time. Have seen you at

the Legion on 8th Street and now

Embers and you always put

on a great show. See you soon."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   MW, Toronto

the toronto party band for hire the pepper shakers

the toronto party band for hire the pepper shakers

                                                                                                                                                                                                               NS, Brampton

contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers

"...everyone was talking about how much 
you gave to the residents and guests.  
Thank you so much. We will be in touch for 
future opportunities. Thank you again..."

ND, Scarborough

"We had a great time at the dance in 
Mississauga... the music was great,
the big dance floor was always full,
and the locals were friendly.  Look
forward to dancing again soon."

JG - Mississauga

"You guys are the best!  
   You guys are the best!!  
 You guys are the BEST!!!"   

LN, Etobicoke

"You guys were amazing. 
Thank you for playing
I will definitely consider 
you for the next event."

NR, Toronto

          Mark Forward and Sean Cullen rock it up with the 
          Toronto Party Band (for hire) the Pepper Shakers.

"It was a great evening, even the...people who 
were expecting their usual entertainment were 
having a great time and asked when were having 
you back LOL

Can you give what Saturdays you have available..."  

KS, Toronto

"...we would like to thank you for your considerable
donation of your time and talent. Your performance 
was outstanding!!! The audience loved listening to you! 
Thank you so much and we appreciate everything 
you did for us to raise money for our school's 
music department."

Cayuga SS music students

"Thanks for everything... 
your band was fabulous!!! "   

AT, Toronto

"we all had a great time … You are one of the 

best bands we have heard in a long time … 

also, speaking with others at the club, 

I received the exact same sentiments..."   

LS, Toronto

    UPCOMING PERFORMANCES - Band for Hire, Toronto - the Pepper Shakers  


UPCOMING PERFORMANCES - Band for Hire, Toronto - the Pepper Shakers
"First let me say thank you for the gig last night. 
All who I talked to had a great 
time.  Secondly, as I'm booking the summer 
fall season now, I'd like to know if
you folks are available..."   

JF, Toronto

"I just had these guys play at the Woodbridge Legion.  
A great bunch of guys, and a superb band. 
Will be having them back for sure!"  

AL, Toronto

 "The biggest  thank-you  should go 
out to the Pepper Shakers!!! 
Everyone raved how fantastic you 
all were.  I am so glad you had fun. 
I will be sure to refer you to other 
family and friends."         

DM, Toronto

"Great response - everyone loved you guys - 
planning our next event with you at the top 
of the list for entertainment at Elm Grove"   

FJD, Toronto

"Seen the Pepper Shakers many times - 
they are great.  Great songlist on their 

 Fred F., Mississauga, via Yelp.ca

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 "The Pepper Shakers are the band to hire for a wedding or party of any type. 
Saw them last week at Michelle's Place, and they rocked 
the house. The Pepper Shakers play a great variety, including 
oldies, all the party classics, 50s-60s, blues, classic country.
 They were amazing. People danced and
clapped all night to the Pepper Shakers. I have been on their 
and a huge song list there. If you need to hire a band Toronto, the 
Pepper Shakers are it. Highly recommend the 
Pepper Shakers as a band to hire for any function!"    anonymous via Weblocal.ca

 "Hank...we enjoyed you guys so much...great band.  
 I have to look for another date to get you back... 
 I have New Years open...lol. 
  Thanks again..." 

GM, Innisfil

"I wouldn't miss you guys...

You're the best band that's

 ever played here." 

LM, Toronto

"These guys rock. If I had to hire a band anywhere in the greater 
Toronto Area, I would hire the Pepper Shakers."

F. Fullerton, Oshawa

"Thanks to you and the band for joining us! 
I have received a lot of positive comments 
about your show..." J

                                                                                                                    SA, Oakville

"how could you guys have left the pepper shakers band 
off your list - i had to hire a band last year 
for a wedding; the pepper shakers
 were terrific!!!!! best band in the city bar none!!!"

gary, comment on the Toronto Life Wedding Guide

"Thank you. You guys were great. You will hear again from us."

BD, Toronto

"Thank you for  the fabulous performance last night. 
You truly made our event memorable!!"

RM, Toronto

the Pepper Shakers band

You just got a 5-star review
“Good music”
– Peter Milne

contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers

Mississauga News - April, 2015 (Mike Beggs):

Pepper Shakers spice it up with a little taste of everything

Back at Caven’s Alley Bar this Friday, the Pepper Shakers are, “a little bit more upbeat than the average country, or oldies band,” says their singer/guitarist ‘Hank’ Fox.

And while they may sport cowboy garb, Fox, bassist ‘Major’ Wayne McKenzie, and drummer Steve ‘Shakin’ Wilcox (a Port Credit native) touch on rockabilly, classic country, blues, R&B, surf guitar, classic rock, and modern rock by evening’s end. They bring a touch of swagger to Dwight Yoakam’s Honky Tonk Man, a sweet groove to Elvis’ Suspicious Minds, and Fox outdoes himself on the Eagles’ ballad Tequila Sunrise

On the go for just two years, this trio of vets gelled quickly and is booked up two to three nights a week.

“We sort of wedged our way into that country thing, and expanded outward from there,” the Richmond Hill resident explains.

“We basically bill ourselves as a party band.”

They’re regulars on that little West End country/roots rock circuit, which includes the Hensall Circle Legion, the Army Navy and Air Force Veterans Centre, the Moose Lodge in Long Branch, and Caven’s (which Fox calls, “the best-kept secret in Mississauga”).

Of his own musical predilections, Fox (previously spoken to with the rootsy Highway Hepcats) offers, “I was a Beatles fan, and then sort of expanded backward. I wanted to find out who were Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, and why did Keith Richards play like he did?”

Showtime is 9:30 p.m. at Caven’s Alley Bar, 645 Lakeshore Rd. E. at Cawthra Rd.



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contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers

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contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers



contact the Toronto Party Band available for hire, the Pepper Shakers

Among the hundreds of wonderful audiences
your Toronto Party Band for hire has performed
for, there are some true stand-outs: We have
loved all the wedding receptions for instance,
as well as....

>> corporate functions  company BBQs etc.,
>> employee appreciation events and galas,

>> private parties both indoor and outdoor,
>> the Budweiser commercial shoot we were part of,

>> host/stage band for Mark Forward's  stand-up comedy specials,

>> Canada Day celebrations and all the other wonderful events at many Royal Canadian Legion Branches throughout the GTA,

>> birthday, anniversary and retirement parties,

>> themed events of all kinds are always a blast,
>> we absolutely love to entertain for seniors
and older crowds of all types,

>> ...and of course all the bars, taverns and
restaurants who continue to support live music.
The Pepper Shakers are grateful for
every live appearance we have made.
Thanks to all of you!

The Pepper Shakers' Recent Happy Clients Include:

** denotes multiple appearances/return engagements

RCL Branch 101 - Etobicoke

Kirk/Lori parents 50th anniversary - Laurel (Orangeville)

Elizabeth - backyard birthday bash - Guelph

Donna, Elaine - retirement bash - Tottenham

RCL Branch 325 - Tottenham

Kikkawa College graduate party - Toronto

Discreet Odyssey event space - Toronto

Boutique Meals Event Centre - Toronto

Woodgreen - Toronto

Delmanor Glen Abbey - Oakville **

Montecassino - Toronto

The Mount Pleasant Rose - Toronto **

DelManor - Richmond Hill **

GameTime - Brantford

Pine & Pearl - Burlington **

RCL Branch 197 - Acton

RCL Branch 609  Brampton

YMCA of Greater Toronto

Better Living  Centre - Toronto

Reachview Village - Uxbridge **

Billy's Diner - gala - Toronto

McConaghy Centre - Richmond Hill

Leslieville Wanderlust - Toronto

Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club - Scarborough **

Shouldice Hospital - Thornhill

Chartwell - Aurora

Nicole (Graig, Lori) - 25th anniversary - Markham

RCL Branch 58 - Hamilton **

Egan's Campground - Loretto

Ribfest - Richmond Hill

Jack Astor's - Mississauga

SIR Corp - Burlington

Balsam Lake Trailer Park - Kirkfield

RCL Branch 43 - Oshawa **

Howard Johnson - Lindsay

Turtle Jack's - Richmond Hill **

Bonita Grill & Lounge - Weston **

CNIB Lake Joseph Centre - MacTier **

Michelle (Pat, Ed) - birthday bash - Scarborough **

Liverpool John's - Pickering

Myrna (George) - retirement party - Pickering

RCL Branch 322 - Ajax

Carmen Corbasson Community Centre - Mississauga **

Seniors BBQ - Richmond Hill **

Helen - celebration of life - Ajax

Kings Castle Bar & Grill - Ajax **

Town of Richmond Hill **

Hillsdale Estates - Oshawa **

Region of Durham **

Wayne and Stephanie wedding - Guelph

Royal Electric - Guelph

RCL Branch 643 - Etobicoke **

Greystone Golf Club - Milton

Clublink Corporation - Aurora

Chartwell - Mississauga **

Ballinafad Community Centre - Erin

Town of Halton Hills **

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 11 - Toronto **

Chateau le Jardin Event Venue - Woodbridge

Deborah (Robert) birthday bash - Toronto

Active Adult Centre - Mississauga **

Club 55 - Keswick

Lakeview Manor - Beaverton

Loyola Arrupe Centre - Toronto **

Renaissance By The Creek - Mississauga **

Widows and Widowers - Etobicoke **

Creek Way Village - Burlington **

Halton Region - Oakville **

Abbey Road Pub & Patio - Mississauga

RCL Branch 82 - Port Credit **

447 Wing -Mount Hope

Central Kafe - Toronto **

Sherry - backyard birthday bash - Brampton

Ashley and Steve wedding - Cambridge

Ballantrae Golf & Country Club - Stouffville

Rebecca - mom retirement  party - Whitby

Pat (Ed, Michelle) - retirement party - Scarborough **

Cedar Valley Resort - Lindsay **

Wayne and Carol party - Toronto

The Black Swan Pub & Grill - Burlington

The Duke Live - Toronto

Downtown Oakville BIA Midnight Madness - Oakville

Rose and Bob wedding - Arthur

Oscar's Roadhouse - Brampton **

Extendicare - Brampton

Cadillac Lounge - Toronto

The Vinyl Sessions - Chuck Berry Fest - Toronto

Tobey & Associates Corporate Events - Toronto

RCL Branch 617 - Scarborough **

Bar On Broadway - Orangeville **

City of Mississauga **

RCL Branch 521 - Bradford

Sunnybrook - Toronto **

Celtic Supporters Club - Scarborough **

Tilted Kilt - Richmond Hill

Mount Pleasant Village BIA - Toronto **

Horner Avenue Seniors Centre - Etobicoke

Judy (Steve) - retirement/birthday bash - Toronto

Ed (Pat, Michelle) - retirement party - Scarborough

Oakville Residence - Oakville **

Norm (Connie) - birthday bash - Toronto

RCL Branch 139 - Streetsville

Bendale Acres - Toronto **

POI Business Interiors - company BBQ - Markham **

Roseto Cafe Bar - Etobicoke

Jill (Richard) - birthday bash

Monarch Pub - Toronto

Time Out Sports and Taps - Georgetown **

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 170 - Uxbridge **

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 1/42 - Toronto **

A Very Mark Forward Country Christmas - stage band - Toronto

The Drake - Toronto

Sandy Cove Acres - Innisfil **

Amica - Thornhill **

Shellane, Jay - wedding - Terra Cotta

Kim, Wes - wedding - Clarington

Lisa (Johnny) - poolside birthday bash - Mississauga

Colette, Andrew - wedding - Troy

Desjardins Insurance - company BBQ - Mississauga

Al and family - birthday bash - Hamilton **

Mike and friends - cottage bash - Muskoka

Melody and Jack - backyard  bash - St. George

Viva - western theme party- Pickering

David (Linda) birthday/anniversary bash - Burlington 

Doris (DJ, Sheri) birthday bash - Toronto

A Very Mark Forward Beach Party - stage band - Toronto

The Rivoli - Toronto

Club 106 - Brampton **

Ally and Darko wedding - Pickering

Connie (Norm) - birthday bash - Toronto

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 136 - Milton

Ernie's Roadhouse - Cambridge

Community Living Oshawa - Oshawa

Ina Grafton Centre - Scarborough

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 551 - Waterdown **

Rekai Centres - Toronto **

Newmarket Veterans Association - Newmarket **

Ember Hot Stove & Social House - Etobicoke  **

City of Brampton - Flower City Centre - Brampton **

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 258 - Scarborough **

Sgt. Peppers  Pub & Grill - Ajax

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 3 - Etobicoke **

Alpine RV Resort - Lindsay **

Westwood United Church Daytimers - Etobicoke

Mackenzie Place - Newmarket **

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 15 - Brampton **

Town of East Gwillimbury - Classic Car Show - Sharon **

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 385 - Aurora **

Glasgow Rangers Supporters Club - Scarborough **

John and Donnalea (Savannah) - 20th anniversary party - Grand Valley

Joerg and Myra - summer bash - Queensville

Liberty Utilities - company picnic - Oakville

Sherry (Mark) - backyard birthday bash - Toronto

Darlene (Chris) - backyard birthday bash - Scarborough

Sheila and friends, backyard bash - Cambridge **

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 210, Canada Day Festivities - Etobicoke

Cheri & Jayson wedding - Burk's Falls

Druxy's Corporate Events - GTA **

Minto Apartments - beach party - Toronto

Karla's Roadhouse - Scarborough **

Cayuga Secondary School - Music Department Fundraiser - Cayuga

Town of Milton - Milton **

HEICO Corporation - hospitality suite - Toronto

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel - Toronto

Julie (John) - birthday bash - Toronto **

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 286 - Etobicoke

Tika, Dave - birthday bash - Cambridge **

The Brownstone - Cambridge

Veronica, Chris, Megan - birthday bash - Burlington

Lions Club Hall - Burlington

Club Loreley - Oshawa

Minto Apartments Christmas Bash - Toronto

Club Kaos - Brampton **

Westmount Army and Navy Club - Toronto **

Caper's Sports Bar - Kitchener **

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 266 - Toronto **

Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Barrie

Steve and Clelia, birthday bash - Barrie

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 10 - Toronto **

Cosmetic Portal Convention After Party - Mississauga

International Centre - Mississauga

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 614 - Scarborough **

Hamilton Light Infantry Veterans' Association - Hamilton **

Ada and Andrew Wedding - Toronto

Sunnybrook Estates - Toronto **

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 210 - Etobicoke **

Kawartha Charity Riders - Kirkfield

Kina - Rocco backyard birthday bash - Pickering

Greg and Lauri Backyard Party - Aurora

Derek and Margaret Wedding - Toronto

Crown Princess Fine Dining - Toronto

Top Spot Pub - Sutton **

Jack Astor's - Whitby

Mangotich - 50th Anniversary Party - Milton

Italian Canadian Club - Milton

iQ Communications - Toronto

Sanofi Pasteur, country theme BBQ - Toronto **

Waterstone Estate and Farms - Newmarket

Mark and Carmela Volkmann, birthday bash - Newmarket

Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 22, Toronto **

Moose Lodge - Etobicoke **

Caven's Alley Bar - Mississauga **

Newfoundlander Bar - Scarborough**

Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 582 - Mississauga **

Muckish Irish Pub - Scarborough

Linsmore Tavern - Toronto

George Brown College - Fundraiser for Green Belt - Toronto

Time Night Club - Toronto

Army Navy Club - Mississauga **

Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 414 - Woodbridge **

Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 13 - Scarborough

Michelle's Place - Weston **

Blue Goose Tavern - Etobicoke **

Elm Grove Centre - Toronto

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 606 - Pickering **

Hollywood on the Queensway - Etobicoke **

Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 66 - North York

Anomaly Inc. - Budweiser commercial shoot - Toronto

...and so many more!!  Over 25 years of live music all over Ontario

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Steve manages to run over the dolly he made for the band.

Wayne: "Did you hear a lot of music in Cuba?"

fan: "No, not really."

Wayne: ""Guantanamera"?"

fan: "No, we were staying in Varadero."

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