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 Fabulous secluded seating area at the back of Peppers. This fascinating courtyard is located via the main entrance, then along the walkway which opens out into a great little space. A smashing hide-away and nicely sheltered from the wind.
In the summer we hold our early evening music events here - assuming no rain! And the annual Gloucester Rhythm & Blues week kicks off in the Courtyard, with a band each evening throughout the festival. How good is that!
Our latest addition to the artwork in the Courtyard, joining Artista and Beastie is Decay adding his touch of colour, late December 2015:

Before...not very interesting...
Transformation under way...

The finished article!  Note Beastie's cat lower right.

 Above three photos by © G. Kearns 2015 all rights reserved (used with permission).

Cat and the paint - Beastie. August 2015.

Prior to the artwork:
 View as you enter the courtyard, looking towards The Shed.
And further to the right.
Before and after photos:
January 2011...entrance to courtyard where Ann's bike is parked.
Ann and the Shed. In need of repair...
 Ian getting stuck in.
Progressing along gradually...note the Peppers transport machine.
Rubble piled neatly awaiting removal.
Courtyard pots just arrive.
Rock Yew arrives and settles in...
An early party - Gary and Julie.
July 2012 - Ann with Ian in the background.